Chocolate Fountain Ideas

Lotus Biscoff - will it fountain? Yes it will!

Lotus Biscoff... it's sweet and unique and really needs no introduction. No one can resist it, right? But there's one introduction we'd like to make – and that's to Sephra's new and improved range of topping sauces. Lotus Biscoff Topping Sauce is the latest addition to the range, which already includes more than 10 different flavors.

Fondue Recipes using Caramel Fondue in Chocolate Fountains

Sephra’s newest offering is its liquid caramel which can be used to accent desserts or be the main attraction in your chocolate fountain. Caramel Fondue: The Easy Way! Sephra’s new liquid caramel is perfect for your chocolate fountain. You simply add the liquid caramel to your chocolate fountain, thin with water until the consistency is right, and enjoy! Sephra’s liquid caramel definitely doesn’t sacrifice taste for convenience. This liquid caramel tastes rich and buttery, just like it was cooked slowly over a hot stove. The liquid caramel comes in a re-sealable five-pound tub so you can use as little or as much as you need each time. Now that Sephra offers this easy solution to running warm, gooey caramel through your chocolate fountain, you can focus on choosing some fabulous dipping treats to go with your liquid caramel fondue. For instance, crisp green apple slices taste even better dipped in caramel fondue, as do brownie bites, chocolate covered pretzels, vanilla pound cake bites and chocolate cheesecake bites. This holiday season, take advantage of Sephra’s easy liquid caramel fondue and impress your friends and family with a delicious evening filled with warmth, laughter and dessert.

Probiotic Chocolate a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

An apple a day used to keep the doctor away, but now the apple could be usurped by chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly! Probiotic chocolates, not only taste delicious, but will help your body retain more of the probiotic bacteria that your digestive system uses to stay balanced and healthy.

Why Choose Probiotic Chocolate?
Did you realize that your digestive system is home to over 70 percent of your immune system functions? This means that the strength and efficiency of your immune system largely relies on the health of your digestive system.
Although your body produces good bacteria naturally, many factors can negatively impact the productivity of this good bacteria. Factors that include both prescription and over the counter medication, stress, age and eating habits can all negatively impact your digestive health and thereby restrict the effectiveness of your immune system.
Barry Callebaut worked with the University of Ghent to research the effect of probiotic chocolate on the immune system in the study “Viability of Mixture of Lactobacillus Helveticus CNCM I-722 & Bifidobacterium Longum CNCM I-3470." Probiotic chocolate has been proven help your colon produce the healthy bacteria necessary to promote digestive health.
Probiotic chocolate will give your immune system the tools it needs to fight everyday contaminants that enter your body. Probiotics are capable of killing bad bacteria and viruses before they are able to travel out of your digestive system and invade the rest of your body, according to Callebaut’s and the University of Ghent’s study on probiotic chocolate.
Why Choose Chocolate With Probiotics Over Other Probiotic Supplements.
According to the study “Probiotic Bacteria; Safety, Functional and Technological Properties” by J. Biotechnol, probiotic microorganisms must be able to survive long enough in the stomach to move on to the large intestine. When probiotic chocolate enters the digestive system versus probiotics in yogurt, for instance, the rate of survival is three times higher in probiotic chocolate.
Probiotic chocolate supplements, have been clinically tested and contain the daily recommended amount of probiotics needed to maintain digestive health, which translates to over 1 billion probiotic microorganism colonies. Chocolate with probiotics are an important aspect of digestive health, but combining probiotic chocolate with a healthy lifestyle which includes eating a balanced diet and regular exercise and sleep, will help the probiotic chocolate further do its job in your digestive tract.
Start improving your digestive health with probiotic chocolate and feel the difference chocolate with probiotics makes in your life!

Sephra Chocolate Manufactured by the Best: Barry Callebaut

Sephra has worked hard to create the perfect couverture chocolate for chocolate fountains, pioneering the industry with the very first flowing chocolate which did not require the addition of oil. To make its fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains perfectly delicious, Sephra proudly works with world-renowned chocolatier Barry Callebaut.

4 Easy Chocolate Treats Kids Can Make for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: the special day where Mom is to be honored for all her hard work that often goes unappreciated as life’s bustle gets in the way. If you want to do something special for Mother’s Day this year, let the kids help you create a delicious home chocolate fountain display for everyone to enjoy! Prepping Your Home Chocolate Fountain for Mother’s Day

Cosmopolitan Chocolate Fountains: Sephra Around the World

Chocolate is a worldwide passion enjoyed by many different cultures and people. Chocolate might even be considered the new olive branch of peace. After all, even if people cannot agree on politics or religious beliefs, they may just agree that a piece of chocolate is like a piece of heaven.