Sephra USA - Popcorn

The Sephra Popcorn brand is a subsidiary of Sephra, offering premium quality seasoned popcorn in unique StayFresh, foil lined, recyclable, cinema-style cardboard popcorn tubs to the retail sector, available in traditional Sweet, Salted, Sweet & Salty, Butter Toffee, Salted Caramel, Caramel Cheddar and Rainbow-flavored varieties.

About Sephra – No Ordinary Popcorn!

Sephra Popcorn is made with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure that we're creating the tastiest traditional and custom popcorn flavors in the industry. Our unique StayFresh, foil-lined recyclable cardboard tubs are perfect for the home cinema experience, or simply eating on-the-go.

In generous sharing-sized portions, Sephra Popcorn Tubs offer a great-tasting, great value snacking experience with a size and flavor to suit every occasion.

Sephra Popcorn, in traditional Sweet, Salted and Sweet & Salty varieties, is now available in the following major UK retailers, Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Sparv, Tesco and is also distributed to various cinemas throughout the UK.

Our Popcorn's Awesome Ingredients

⭐ Pops Like a Butterfly...

Unlike traditional cinema popcorn which is produced with purely butterfly kernels, our recipe is made of an extremely high percentage of mushroom caramel kernels which create wonderful puffs of popcorn that allows for high levels of seasoned coating on every piece, resulting in flavor that really pops!

⭐ Seal of approval...

Produced to the highest British standards, our flavoured Popcorn is sealed directly into our unique StayFresh, foil-lined recyclable cardboard tubs to lock in the freshness – guaranteeing you the best possible eating experience.

⭐ Not just any old tub...

Our packaging is not only great for storing your Popcorn and eating out of but is fully recyclable in your household paper recycling bin. Alternatively, get your creative juices flowing and up-cycle your Sephra Popcorn Tub for other household storage needs!

⭐ Everyone's a winner

Our brilliant staff are one the key ingredients in making your Sephra Popcorn product so great. We love doing what we do which helps make every Popcorn Tub you buy so special. If you get as much pop out of eating our product as we get from making it, you're onto a winner.

Personalization – Your Product... Your Brand

By engaging fully in the creative process, we can operate either as an extension to a client's own designers, or by providing original, bespoke, cutting-edge concepts for your needs. Our in-house design expertise enables us to develop basic concepts and rapidly transform them into production. Not only can Sephra create the personal design of your Popcorn Tubs but we have a range of Popcorn Tub sizes and weights to suit your business needs too.
Choose from 1ltr, 1.4ltr, 1.9ltr, 2.5ltr and 3.8ltr... Make your business POP!