Health and Sanitation Guidelines for your Chocolate Fountain Rental Business

Chocolate Fountain Health and Sanitation Guidelines

Chocolate Fountain Etiquette 101

Sephra USA LLC is committed to assisting its Chocolate Fountain rental companies in providing the public with a healthy and sanitary environment to enjoy the use of the Chocolate Fountain at their special events. We encourage our customers to implement the following recommended Health and Sanitation Guidelines:

Sanitary Use of the Chocolate Fountain

A healthy and sanitary environment must be insured with each use of the chocolate fountain. A trained attendant must accompany the Chocolate Fountain at every event. The attendant’s responsibility is to operate the chocolate fountain and insure each guest follows proper sanitary procedures as follows:

  • Every one involved in the handling and preparation of food items should be "Food Handler Certified" by the local health agency.
  • The attendant must be a certified food handler.
  • The attendant should ideally serve each guest by dipping the requested food item into the flowing chocolate and then serve the item to the guest on a plate.
  • A separate food skewer is to be used with each food item. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No dipping of a food item in the chocolate more than once.
  • Guests shall not be allowed to touch the chocolate with their hands, etc.
  • Guests shall not be allowed to introduce anything into the chocolate other than that which has been provided by the caterer.
  • Chocolate which remains unused at the end of each event should be disposed of and not reused.


The Chocolate Fountain components have been made of high quality food grade stainless steel. All components which come in contact with the chocolate should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. The tower components, consisting of the cylinder, tiers, crown and the auger are all dishwasher safe and should be washed in hot water containing a cleaning detergent to remove all chocolate residue. The basin should be washed with soapy hot water after each use. It is also recommended to use a sanitizing agent after the fountain components have been washed.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your chocolate fountain rental events and appropriate use of your Chocolate Fountain.