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Chocolate Fountain Display at a Bridal Expo - Increase Your Chocolate Fountain Rentals

Chocolate fountains are extremely popular among brides-to-be, and attending a few bridal expos can significantly increase your client base. However, it's best to be prepared with an exciting chocolate fountain display, plenty of dipping treats for those hungry, often stressed, brides and their entourages, and easy-to-access information. Creating a Choc-o-rific Display Brides Will Love An eye-catching, exciting chocolate fountain display is the key to drawing a continuous crowd throughout the bridal expo. It's also important to remember your audience: brides. Tailor your chocolate fountain display to resemble one you might use at a wedding reception so that everyone sampling your delicious treats will also see the possibilities for her wedding. Using more than one fountain is perfect for creating the "wow factor." It also allows people to sample more than one type of chocolate for chocolate fountains. Use a large chocolate fountain in the background with two smaller ones flanking it, and then arrange white twinkle lights around the chocolate fountains, perhaps setting up a crimson or black backdrop behind the fountains for a little drama. Place universally appealing wedding toppers on each chocolate fountain, perhaps a pair of wedding bells and a pair of doves on the two smaller fountains and white and pink blossoms on the large fountain. Use table linens that match the backdrop and won't show stains, then arrange elegant tiered food trays to display the dipping treats, scattering a few light pink or white rose petals across the table. Creating a Lasting Chocolate Impression Remember that brides not only want to plan the perfect wedding, but most want to infuse their big day with a little romance. Include dipping treat samples like fresh strawberries and cherries, especially since a sliced strawberry can resemble a heart. It's difficult to forget how delicious and attractive chocolate fountains are once you experience one! Develop a bridal expo special and include a description with your brochure or create an attractive flyer with your contact information on it as a takeaway. Offer a discount on using more than one chocolate fountain, for example, or create a wedding bundle with an assortment of fresh fruit, baked goods and confections for one competitive price. Then, you can track how many brides responded to your wedding bundle; even if they order a different chocolate fountain wedding package, you can ascertain how many brides came your way due to your bridal expo display. This way, you can determine how effective your presentation was at securing new wedding clients for your chocolate fountain rental business.

5 Reasons to Volunteer Your Chocolate Fountain for Charity

A chocolate fountain is a popular attraction at any charity event. Not only tastes delicious, but stands out as an attraction that many guests don’t see everyday. A chocolate fountain is also interactive and forces people to get out of their chairs and join fellow guests at the chocolate fountain dessert table to choose from an array of delectable dipping treats.