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Ideas for Hosting a Chocolate-Inspired Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is the perfect event for enjoying a decadent chocolate fountain. Typically, bridal showers are girls-only events - making it the perfect time to indulge in a chocolate fountain that is versatile enough to fit into the most formal or most casual bridal shower. Chocolate Fountain for a Formal Bridal Shower There will always be brides who desire a formal, more traditional bridal shower to celebrate her upcoming marriage. A bridal tea is very popular, and a chocolate fountain is the perfect complement to such an event. Using white chocolate for chocolate fountains gives an elegant bridal presentation and will complement the tea and all the succulent treats that accompany a tea party. The chocolate fountain could be topped with fresh flowers and the display table could have small silver julep cups of fresh flowers dispersed among the food trays in shades of white and light pink. A chocolate fountain is the epitome of elegance, and it will blend seamlessly into a formal atmosphere. Chocolate Fountain for a Casual Bridal Shower A chocolate fountain will enhance a more casual bridal shower because it promotes interaction and gives everyone a common activity. White chocolate is always appropriate for a bridal shower, but milk and even dark chocolate shouldn't be overlooked just because of their color. Juxtaposing the chocolate with white and creamy dipping treats like marshmallows, angel food cake, cheesecake bites, and mini muffins all taste great and still have that bridal feel. The table can be decorated with bright colors like various shades of pink, and flower blossoms or petals could be scattered on the table instead of in formal arrangements to signify a more laidback shower. Chocolate Fountain for a Themed Bridal Shower Themed bridal showers are an increasingly popular trend, and being prepared to dress up the chocolate fountain display to match the theme will help you secure more clients. Popular themes include romance, tropical luau, wild with animal prints, and western, just to name a few. People also use colors and patterns to help unite a theme, and going the extra mile to decorate the chocolate fountain display table with theme-appropriate items will result in a successful shower and a satisfied client. For example, if the bride has chosen a western theme, you could use a mini cowgirl hat as a fountain topper, hang shiny sheriff's stars and spurs on rope in a creative banner across the table front, and even wrap twinkle lights around rope to form lassos of light around the food trays and chocolate fountain. As long as you know what type of bridal shower will be hosted, you can match the commercial chocolate fountain décor so that it enhances the atmosphere and lets guests indulge in chocolate dipped treats while celebrating the bride to be.