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Choose the Best Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Any event that takes advantage of Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains is sure to dazzle guests with its elegant presentation and cascade of delicious chocolate. Sephra is known for providing chocolate fountain entrepreneurs with the highest quality chocolate fountains, as well as a decadent chocolate that's ready-made for the fountain. Chocolate fountains are user-friendly, and Sephra offers a model perfect for events of all sizes. To make sure you can please all your clients who request a Sephra chocolate fountain, read the following descriptions to decide which chocolate fountain (or combination) will best complement your business.

Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountain: Ultimate Presentation

If you have clients who host large events or operate a venue that regularly hosts such events, like corporate parties or weddings, then you will want to offer them the Sephra 44-inch commercial chocolate fountain. It comes in a choice of 2 finishes: brushed or polished stainless steel for a sleek, contemporary look. It makes a striking centerpiece with 4 tiers of cascading chocolate. The Sephra holds up to 20 pounds of chocolate and will leave over 150 guests satisfied.

Montezuma Chocolate Fountain: Perfect for Events Large and Small

The Montezuma commercial chocolate fountain is a popular chocolate fountain rental, standing 34 inches tall with 3 tiers, making it suitable for events large and small. It also comes in the choice of brushed or polished food grade stainless steel, making it the perfect complement to a casual or formal affair. The Montezuma uses the same base as the Sephra, giving it the capability to hold 20 pounds of chocolate; however, it can hold as little as 12 pounds for parties of less than 150 people.

Aztec and Cortez Chocolate Fountains: Beautiful Starters and Supplements

The Aztec and Cortez commercial chocolate fountains offer the ability to stand alone or complement one of the larger chocolate fountains. The Aztec chocolate fountain stands at 27 inches, uses 11 pounds of chocolate and serves between 75 and 150 guests. The Cortez model chocolate fountain is 23 inches tall, is easily transported, and yet still holds 10 pounds of chocolate, serving 50 to 75 guests. These smaller chocolate fountains are ideal both for small businesses just getting started in chocolate fountain rentals, as well as established businesses who would like to use one of these in conjunction with the Montezuma or Sephra to create a chocolate fountain arrangement at their next large event. All of these chocolate fountains include a removable basin for easy cleaning, a limited lifetime warranty, and are constructed with food grade stainless steel. Even better, Sephra's fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains is ready for use without adding ingredients, making this an easy choice for convenience and quality. Choose the model that best suits the type and size of event you host, and it will not only pay for itself after a few rentals, but will keep your clients requesting one again and again!

Grow an (Edible) Mud Pie Chocolate Fountain Station

If your next chocolate fountain rental is for an event centered around kids, such as a birthday party or a family reunion, consider showing kids how to grow a mud pie from your chocolate fountain display. Any adults present will likely have no qualms about joining in with this fun and delicious take on chocolate fountains!