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Choosing the right Commercial Chocolate Fountain for your business

Years of research have gone into perfecting Sephra's Commercial Chocolate Fountains.

Restaurants Take Advantage of Chocolate Fountains to Increase Profits

Chocolate's popularity is undeniable, particularly in the younger and female demographics. To entice patrons, more restaurants are turning to chocolate to strengthen the profitability of their desert menus.

Chocolate Trends in Restaurants

One of the biggest trends in chocolate is mixing different types of chocolate into one dessert, such as juxtaposing white and dark chocolates. A popular restaurant in San Francisco offers a dessert comprised of semi-sweet and milk chocolate mousse to answer this trend, while an Atlanta restaurateur offers a triple chocolate cake. Another popular trend is pairing sweet and spicy, sweet and salty tastes, such as chocolate covered jalapeño peppers or chocolate cake with spiced pecans. To truly stand out from the other restaurants on the block, you can incorporate chocolate into your menu with a creative flair. There is a way to make a profit from offering chocolate desserts, attract attention with a unique spin on chocolate desserts, and incorporate the above trends of mixing tastes and chocolates: the chocolate fountain. How Chocolate Fountains Can Increase Profit Many restaurants worry about the time, labor and rising cost of cocoa, using these as an excuse not to offer a chocolate dessert or to offer small tastes of chocolate incorporated into other desserts, such as chocolate sauce drizzled over cheesecake. One way to eliminate some of these concerns is by having a chocolate fountain dessert table, like a dessert bar, that will entice customers to return again and again. Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains are easy to use, breaking down easily and quickly for storage, but just as easily reassembled. Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains is of the highest quality and is made specifically for their chocolate fountains with no additional ingredients necessary. You can easily set up more than one fountain to offer more different types of chocolate, such as dark and milk chocolate, or dark, milk and white chocolate. Then, offer various dipping treats such as strawberries, cherries, bananas, cheesecake, pound cake, pretzel sticks, brownies and small cookies. Any dessert currently featured on the menu that would pair well with chocolate could easily be cut into cubes for the chocolate fountain display. Now, you have virtually no labor worries since operating the fountain is simple and your customers do the work of choosing and dipping their own dessert. Sephra's chocolate fountains and chocolate for chocolate fountains are reasonably priced, and businesses often recoup its cost within several uses. Once they are paid for, your only cost will be the chocolate and dipping treats, which you'll factor into the dessert bar's cost. Plus, word of mouth describing the amazing and delicious chocolate fountain dessert bar will bring new business!  

Chocolate Fountain Rental Business: Protect Your Company With NSF/ANSI Sanitation Standards

When you operate a chocolate fountain rental business, you must adhere to sanitation and health regulations to remain in good standing. If you are looking for peace of mind, then choose Sephra's products and commercial chocolate fountains. Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains are the only ones in the industry that meet NSF/ANSI sanitation standards. Complying With NSF/ANSI Standards According to the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), it's important for food companies, like chocolate fountain rental companies, to volunteer to have their equipment certified. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requires that food equipment conform to NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements before being sold in North America. The NSF developed these sanitation standards and lets companies voluntarily undergo their assessment program. This program tests and certifies the food equipment, as well as audits production facilities, to ensure that all the standards are met or exceeded. A company does not simply go through this process once, but is subjected to annual audits to verify that the same high standards that earned the company a registered NSF Certification Mark continue to be met. All of Sephra's chocolate fountains meet NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements and are tested each year to ensure that chocolate fountain production is still impeccable. Quality control is important to the NSF and to Sephra. Purchasing your chocolate fountains from Sephra will give you peace of mind and the ability to assure venues such as hotels and restaurants that you are qualified to serve their guests. Risks of Non-Compliance Any business which serves food and drink to the public is under pressure to conform to local and state sanitation guidelines. Your business is open to the health department for inspection whenever they choose, and you must cooperate. If you have a registered NSF Certification Mark to show those health inspectors, you can rest easy that they will be impressed and rate your business accordingly. Chocolate fountain rental businesses which don't comply, yet continue to rent equipment for events, are subject to strict non-compliance penalties if discovered. If anyone gets sick as a result of a non-certified chocolate fountain, the chocolate fountain rental business owner becomes liable for all damages and can lose his license to operate. The best way to avoid this fate? Use Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains because you can confidently assure your clients that your chocolate fountains are routinely approved by NSF/ANSI regulations!

Chocolate Fountain Rental Ideas: 4 Holiday Specials to Offer Your Clients

Although many corporations are slimming down their holiday budgets, your chocolate fountain rentals can still continue to flow festively! Give your budget-minded clients a reason to choose a rental for their holiday party by offering enticing holiday specials. Chocolate Fountain Rental Bonus: Free Fruit Platter People love to feel like they are getting something for nothing, and your chocolate fountain rental clients are no different. Offer a complimentary fruit platter with every commercial chocolate fountain rental, and don't forget to have samples or photos (mostly for new clients) so they fully understand your delicious offer. For example, to tie in with the holiday season, you can include skewered cranberries along with the tried and true banana, strawberry and pear slices. Decorate the platter with a few festive holly leaves. Two Chocolate Fountains Are Better Than One: 25% Discount For large holiday parties, entice your chocolate fountain rental clients to indulge in two chocolate fountain rentals by discounting the second rental by 25%. This is not only a great deal for your clients, but is a great way for you to show off the versatility of a chocolate fountain rental by offering two types of chocolate, such as dark and white chocolate for chocolate fountains, with a greater range of dipping treats. Also, encourage your clients to make your fountain the dessert to help cut down the catering budget. After all, with two delicious chocolate fountain rentals, who needs extra dessert? Win a Small Chocolate Fountain Rental If you want to attract big corporate clients and additional chocolate rental business, offer to host a raffle at their corporate holiday party of 200 people or more. Jump start the holiday season by raffling off a small chocolate fountain rental to a lucky attendee. This could apply to any large holiday gathering, but corporate parties love to give employees an incentive to attend, as well as make everyone feel appreciated. You might even sell some gift certificates for a chocolate fountain rental to honor someone who's retiring or just received a big promotion. The possibilities are endless once you open their eyes and taste buds to the wonderful world of chocolate fountains! Satisfy Thirsty Guests with a Complimentary Beverage Fountain Rental Finally, accentuate those chocolate-dipped treats with a complimentary beverage fountain rental with a chocolate fountain rental. Offer a choice of several holiday beverages, such as eggnog, mulled cider or hot chocolate. The beverage fountain could be the specialty drink of the evening and be offset with water, coffee and iced tea, which will help your client's budget and make choosing a chocolate fountain rental the most economic and delicious choice for a holiday party.

Commercial Chocolate Fountain Health and Sanitation Certifications: Play it Safe with Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Operating any food business successfully means abiding by critical health and sanitation guidelines. To give yourself and your clients peace of mind, choose a Sephra commercial chocolate fountain. It's the only chocolate fountain available on the market that is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI standards!