Compound Coatings

Sephra Melts - the perfect compound coating for confectionery

Sephra Melts might just be the most versatile 'chocolate' you can buy. If your fond of fondue (we couldn’t resist) and enjoy candy making and baking, we’ve got the perfect product for you!

What Are Sephra Melts?

are made of similar ingredients as our other chocolates (Belgian and Premium), but are considered a ‘compound coating’ rather than chocolate. Compound coating contains greater than 5% vegetable fat substituted for the traditional cocoa butter found in chocolate. They are also are made with cocoa powder instead of chocolate liquor. Confectioners often prefer compound coating because it's very economical and doesn't need tempering or added oil. Sephra Melts stand head and shoulders above other compound coatings in one other very important area – taste! Our new and improved Melts actually taste GOOD! Many others have been likened to eating a tasteless waxy substance. Probably not what you're looking for.

So versatile!

Melts can be used much the same as our chocolate products but with more versatility. They melt quickly, so are a favorite for candy making, confection dipping (such as chocolate dipped strawberries). Of course, they also flow through our as fondue. Melts are available in three flavors: . All three flow beautifully through chocolate fountains and harden quickly with a smooth, glossy finish.