bubble waffle

Bubble Waffle Trend - New Twist on Yummy Dessert Waffles

The Bubble Waffle – a curious new food trend. I was intrigued by the name, so, of course, Impressive how many creative ways to serve a bubble waffle popped up. The Bubble Waffle is the #1 street food in Hong Kong, where they originated. New to the American market, the bubble waffle is quickly becoming one of the most popular new dessert waffles. Here's where you come in...

Trendy New Bubble Waffle Fits Easily into Your Menu

Finally able to try a Bubble Waffle, I was blown away with the possibilities. The waffle was wrapped into a cone shape and filled with ice cream and drizzled with chocolate. The Bubble Waffle is fantastic, delicious, easy to eat, and I fell in love with the whole idea of what could be done with a simple bubble waffle. These waffles are made in a special honeycomb mould and are crispy around the edges with soft, chewy 'bubbles'. Waffle Bars have become very popular at wedding receptions. One of the most enjoyable wedding receptions I’ve been to offered a waffle bar as dinner. The guests loved it - who doesn't love breakfast for dinner? The caterer had a Belgian waffle maker and offered hot waffles with all kinds of toppings. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, chocolate fondue to drizzle and an assortment of syrup. Imagine serving bubble waffles! Fun, easy and affordable! So, now the waffle market is finding its way into farmer’s markets, street fairs, state and county fairs, food trucks, as well as restaurants, ice cream shops, donut shops, coffee shops and cafes. Many hotels offer free breakfast buffet these days, and a waffle station is always included. It’s something everyone loves and is easy for the customer to self-serve, as well as the kitchen to provide. Many of those same smart hotels have a dessert night every week. So whip out your bubble waffle maker and ice cream to create some bubble waffle cones. The bubble waffle adds a whole new dimension to your business – no matter what type of food service you have.

Bubble Waffle Cone

Let’s take a closer look at the Bubble Waffle ‘cone’ - filling it with ice cream, custard, fresh fruit, syrups, candy chunks, cookies and cupcake tidbits. These, too, are really popular at wedding receptions. Set up a simple Waffle Station. Make your Bubble Waffle “cones” ahead of time. Bake your waffles as usual. As soon as they come out of the baker, wrap them around a “tin foil cone’ which you’ve made ahead of time with aluminum tin foil. Let the waffle cool in place around the cone and when completely cool, remove. You can also buy premade cone shaped paper cups, any wholesale food dealer would have those, but your own tin foil mold will work and save you a few dollars. Just trying to keep your cash cow fat! Now fill that bubbly beauty like you would an ice cream cone - a beautiful unique Bubble Waffle cone filled to the brim with ice cream, custard, berries, syrups, chunks of candy, cookies. Top with a gorgeous cupcake as the crowning glory and finishing touch. Let your imagination run wild and let your customer be your guide; they’ll tell you what they want. You could do a whole banana split inside a Bubble Waffle cone; I’d probably ask you to make me a hot fudge sundae with tons of hot fudge and piles of whipping cream. What would be your fantasy Bubble Waffle cone?

Sephra Bubble Waffle Maker is New and Affordable

The reliably bakes great bubble waffles every time! It's commercial grade and exceptionally affordable - especially when you consider your cost of each waffle - and your return on each waffle! The automatic timer, thermostat and audible alarm make it easy for everyone to use - from professional food servers to the self-serve customer at a breakfast buffet. The automatic 2 minute timer, with a little beep, will prevent someone from absentmindedly walking away, leaving a waffle to scorch. It bakes a 7” Bubble Waffle in just 2 minutes, so no one is left thumb-twiddling waiting for their waffle.

Bubble, Mini or Belgian Waffles from one Waffle Maker

The Bubble Waffle Maker is very versatile because you can use other Sephra waffle plates on the same machine. Turn one waffle baker into 3 bakers by using the Bubble Waffle plates, or the Mini Waffle plates. That’s getting a real bang for your buck! Three great options to offer your customers! The aluminum coated baking plates have a non-stick coating and can easier be interchanged. So, this waffle maker becomes your “work horse” and your “cash cow” at the same time. LOL

Sephra Waffle Batter is Delicious and Easy to Use

All the kitchen needs to do is use Sephra Bubble Waffle Batter Mix and make sure the supply keeps up with the demand. The batter mix couldn’t be easier to prepare… ADD WATER AND STIR! How easy is that? The waffle batter researchers at Sephra made sure to find something simple - yet absolutely delicious. The Sephra Waffle batter comes in 30 pound packaging so it's super cost effective. Tender, golden and crispy, begging for butter and syrup or some folks prefer to just eat them plain.

Jump Over Your Competition - Offer the Bubble Waffle First

The Sephra Commerical Bubble Waffle Maker has become the new “kid on the block” and is warmly accepted by everyone. It's always good business to "get in" at the beginning of new dessert idea. Such great adventures can be had by using your culinary skills and imagination. Just envision handing a bubble waffle filled with ice cream and cookie bites to a little 4 year old customer! Pretty sweet to have you make the fantasy dessert of their dreams. I always love to see what the little ones choose—you’d be surprised at their imagination. Order your Bubble Waffle Baker today; you’ve still got time to cash in on upcoming holiday business and then take it to the bridal and trade shows after the first of the year, being the first to offer something totally unique and delicious.