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Chocolate Covered Bacon - Strangest Foods Dipped into Chocolate

Chefs and chocolate lovers are constantly experimenting with chocolate. After all, you never know what might taste great covered in chocolate until someone is brave or creative enough to try it. Although these bizarre chocolate dipped treats might not make it onto traditional dessert menus, they are finding their ways into willing mouths everywhere.


In Mississippi, Quad-City chef Jeff Grunder has been busy creating chocolate-covered bacon treats. In 2009, Grunder collaborated to develop chocolate-covered bacon skewers, of which he sold 30,000 at two local fairs: the Mississippi Valley Fair and the Wisconsin State Fair. He plans to make a splash this year with a take on chocolate-covered bacon with gooey chocolate chip bacon cookies. Grunder says he just wants to give hungry fair-goers something new to snack on. He also offers a fresh take on traditional moon pies by dunking them in fresh, warm chocolate and sprinkling a healthy layer of freshly friend bacon bits and nuts. Grunder claims the vanilla filling complements the smokiness of the bacon and predicts they’ll be best sellers.

Dipping Bacon in the Chocolate Fountain?

Many of the chocolate fountain rental companies who use our fountains and chocolate have had interesting experiences with bacon being served as a dipping item. Typically, you have your strawberries, marshmallows, creams puffs, etc. Every now and again a caterer will bring out a huge tray of bacon (as ordered by the bride, or whoever is hosting event. And BAM! Before you can say chocolate covered strawberry - it's gone! Guests go crazy for the chocolate covered bacon. Even though it may not sound appealing at first, that combo of sweet and savory cannot be beat. So the next time you're racking your brain for something out of the ordinary at a chocolate fountain rental event or family party - break out the bacon!

Julia Roberts Serves Chocolate-Covered Crickets

Well, if Hollywood isn’t completely ready, Julia Roberts is ready to introduce all her friends to this unusual chocolate treat! Roberts hosted a dinner party, where she presented platters of chocolate-covered crickets to her guests. Although a source at the party attributes this gesture as typical Roberts’ style and says she is always trying new things, the source also claims that Roberts was just about the only guest who indulged in this particular chocolate treat. Maybe Hollywood isn’t quite ready for that kind of chocolate decadence just yet.

Chocolate and Chicken Skins?

Although many professed chocoholics might claim that chocolate would taste great on anything, chicken skins might not have been uppermost in their minds at the time. However, Dominique Persoone, a Belgian chef known for his outrageous chocolate combinations and creations, introduced chocolate biscuits encrusted with chicken skins or gribenes – meaning chicken skins fried until crisp. This treat was introduced at the Paris Chocolate Show along with another interesting chocolate treat: chocolate-dipped cheese balls, which are apparently the new pairing for red wine. The world of chocolate is constantly evolving, and those creative enough to try seemingly outrageous chocolate combinations just might discover the next chocolate craze to sweep around the world. You just never know what chocolate-covered delight is right around the next corner.

Chocolate Gift Basket Ideas from Sephra

Sephra's delicious goodies aren't just ideal for perfecting the chocolate fountain experience! In fact, did you know that Sephra has all of the gourmet delicacies to create the perfect gift baskets for any occasion? Promotional Gift Basket Ideas If you want to promote an event, whether it's related to your chocolate fountain rental business or is designed to promote a client's event, consider raffling away chocolate-themed gift baskets. These gift baskets could include a trio of Sephra's Belgian chocolate mousse mix in dark and white chocolate, as well as the neutral flavor that allows the cook's creativity to shine. Then, add in Sephra's caramel cookies and vanilla crème cookies for the perfect accent for Belgian chocolate mousse. Don't forget a few of Sephra's free recipe cards so the lucky recipient can create decadent Belgian desserts at home. Business Gift Basket Ideas If you're hosting a business event, whether it's a corporate party, an employee achievement celebration or an open house, featuring a chocolate fountain at any of these events will help it be a delicious success. Offering chocolate-inspired gift baskets, either raffled off randomly or given to guest(s) of honor, is the perfect way to end an event. You could include Sephra's crème brulee mix, mini-caramel cookies, Sephra's Belgian dark and white chocolate, and recipe cards to truly whet the appetite. If you know the recipient will be a woman, consider including one of Sephra's chocolate-lovers aprons, such as a sleek black and white apron for the corporate executive or a fun brown and pink polka dot apron that will liven up the kitchen. Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ideas What better way to cheer up the spirits of an injured or sick friend, coworker or family member than by delivering a mouth-watering chocolate gift basket? Inside, there could be Sephra's chocolate-opoly game, which is played similar to Monopoly but will appeal to anyone's chocolate-loving side. Of course, along with the game should be some treats that will inspire a fast recovery, such as Sephra's colorful jammies (marshmallows), Belgian chocolate mousse mix and crème brulee/flan mix, plus mini-caramel cookies. "Just Because" Gift Baskets for Your Spouse Finally, a gift basket can be a fun and delicious excuse to indulge in chocolate for an evening in with your spouse. For your husband, consider including Sephra's crème brulee mix plus the butane culinary torch to get him excited about prepping dessert. For your wife, include Sephra's retro cherries apron and Belgian dark chocolate mousse mix to set a romantic mood. Chocolate-opoly would also make a fun addition to the gift basket because you can enjoy romantic chocolate desserts while playing together by candlelight. A gift basket filled with chocolate treats is always a good idea! Get creative and choose the perfect combination of chocolate and desserts so any recipient will go home happy.

Celebrating Summer with Chocolate Fountains

It’s essential for a chocolate fountain rental business to be able to offer seasonal plans for various types of events, especially during the summer when many people are in a more festive and relaxed mood and want to host various parties. Summer is usually hot, so offering dipping treats suited to the season is important. Cool Guests Off With Summer Inspired Dipping Treats Summer prompts many outdoor summer events or indoor/outdoor events, where the main event takes place inside, but there are outside spaces for guests to gather and mingle. No matter where the event will take place, it’s best to offer some seasonal dipping treats designed to cool down the palette, as well as please it. Fresh, cool fruit makes great dipping treats not only because so many delicious fruits are in season during the summer months, but because fruit tastes even better dipped in a chocolate fountain. Summer berries, like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, threaded onto a skewer not only look attractive, but taste refreshing, even after dipped in decadent dark chocolate for chocolate fountains. Frozen banana slices also taste refreshing and fabulous after a dip in milk chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Cool Guests Off With a Chocolate Fountain and Ice Cream Another fun option for a summer party is setting up an ice cream station with a one, two or three flavors to choose from, plus a variety of toppings. Of course, the star of the topping section will be the chocolate fountain! What will taste more delicious drizzled on an ice cream sundae than warm, rich chocolate for chocolate fountains? You could offer white chocolate for chocolate fountains in addition to milk or dark chocolate for chocolate fountains so that guests can mix the two on top of their ice cream sundaes or choose just one to enhance their dish. White chocolate would taste especially delicious over a banana split, but would also enhance a mocha flavored ice cream. Additional toppings that not only taste delicious over ice cream but drenched in chocolate for chocolate fountains are walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts, cherries, strawberries, whipped cream and marshmallows. This summer, be sure to have cool yet delicious and creative dipping treat options that not only taste even better when covered in chocolate from your chocolate fountain, but will help cool off guests during a hot summer evening – and help make the event stand out among guests and hosts alike.

Chocolate Fountain Ideas; Celebrate the Holidays with Eggnog, Marshmallow and Spices

The holidays are the perfect time to break out your chocolate fountain -- and the perfect time to spice up your fondue with some holiday pizzazz. Thankfully, Sephra has three great ways to do just that. You can serve eggnog dip, spiced holiday chocolate fondue, winter marshmallow cream fondue -- or all three!

Enrich the Holidays With Eggnog Dip for the Fondue Fountain
You might consider putting holiday eggnog into your fondue fountain instead of drinking it this year once you discover how simple and delicious Sephra’s recipe for eggnog dip is.
Eggnog dip is simple four boxes of instant vanilla pudding combined with a little nutmeg, vanilla extract and an extra four cups of milk to help it run smoothly through the fondue fountain. This recipe is designed to run on no heat, so be sure to refrigerate any of the eggnog dip that you aren’t using.
An array of goodies taste even better once dipped into the rich eggnog dip, including gingerbread cookies, sugar cookies, mini pumpkin muffins, chocolate pound cake bites and apple slices, just to add a healthy touch to the dessert table.
Warm up the Holidays With Spiced Holiday Chocolate Fondue
Dark chocolate for chocolate fountains taste even better for the holidays by adding warm, fragrant holiday spices to the chocolate for chocolate fountains. Although guests usually don’t need to be asked twice to partake in chocolate fondue, the inviting aroma of dark chocolate mixed with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove and all spice will have everyone out of their seats and clambering around the dessert table for a taste of your spiced holiday chocolate fondue.
Once you add the above spices to four pounds of Sephra dark chocolate, let the chocolate fountain do the rest as it runs the spiced chocolate mixture through the fountain. Fresh fruit like strawberries and bananas will taste even better covered in spiced holiday chocolate fondue, as well baked goods like sugar cookies, pound cake bites and pumpkin muffins.
Brighten the Holidays With Winter Marshmallow Cream Fondue
Who won’t enjoy dipping treats into winter marshmallow cream fondue this holiday season? Once you mix whole milk with several bags of marshmallows on the stove, Sephra’s fondue fountain takes care of the rest. Simply keep the fondue fountain setting on low or medium heat and adjust the consistency by adding milk as necessary.
Once your winter marshmallow cream fondue is flowing nicely, arrange dipping treats like chocolate covered pretzel sticks, brownie bites, sugar cookies and banana slices around the fondue fountain and enjoy eating and celebrating the holidays with friends and family.

Chocolate Fountain Rental Ideas: 4 Holiday Specials to Offer Your Clients

Although many corporations are slimming down their holiday budgets, your chocolate fountain rentals can still continue to flow festively! Give your budget-minded clients a reason to choose a rental for their holiday party by offering enticing holiday specials. Chocolate Fountain Rental Bonus: Free Fruit Platter People love to feel like they are getting something for nothing, and your chocolate fountain rental clients are no different. Offer a complimentary fruit platter with every commercial chocolate fountain rental, and don't forget to have samples or photos (mostly for new clients) so they fully understand your delicious offer. For example, to tie in with the holiday season, you can include skewered cranberries along with the tried and true banana, strawberry and pear slices. Decorate the platter with a few festive holly leaves. Two Chocolate Fountains Are Better Than One: 25% Discount For large holiday parties, entice your chocolate fountain rental clients to indulge in two chocolate fountain rentals by discounting the second rental by 25%. This is not only a great deal for your clients, but is a great way for you to show off the versatility of a chocolate fountain rental by offering two types of chocolate, such as dark and white chocolate for chocolate fountains, with a greater range of dipping treats. Also, encourage your clients to make your fountain the dessert to help cut down the catering budget. After all, with two delicious chocolate fountain rentals, who needs extra dessert? Win a Small Chocolate Fountain Rental If you want to attract big corporate clients and additional chocolate rental business, offer to host a raffle at their corporate holiday party of 200 people or more. Jump start the holiday season by raffling off a small chocolate fountain rental to a lucky attendee. This could apply to any large holiday gathering, but corporate parties love to give employees an incentive to attend, as well as make everyone feel appreciated. You might even sell some gift certificates for a chocolate fountain rental to honor someone who's retiring or just received a big promotion. The possibilities are endless once you open their eyes and taste buds to the wonderful world of chocolate fountains! Satisfy Thirsty Guests with a Complimentary Beverage Fountain Rental Finally, accentuate those chocolate-dipped treats with a complimentary beverage fountain rental with a chocolate fountain rental. Offer a choice of several holiday beverages, such as eggnog, mulled cider or hot chocolate. The beverage fountain could be the specialty drink of the evening and be offset with water, coffee and iced tea, which will help your client's budget and make choosing a chocolate fountain rental the most economic and delicious choice for a holiday party.

Commercial Chocolate Fountain Health and Sanitation Certifications: Play it Safe with Sephra Chocolate Fountains

Operating any food business successfully means abiding by critical health and sanitation guidelines. To give yourself and your clients peace of mind, choose a Sephra commercial chocolate fountain. It's the only chocolate fountain available on the market that is tested and certified to NSF/ANSI standards!

4 Easy Chocolate Treats Kids Can Make for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day: the special day where Mom is to be honored for all her hard work that often goes unappreciated as life’s bustle gets in the way. If you want to do something special for Mother’s Day this year, let the kids help you create a delicious home chocolate fountain display for everyone to enjoy! Prepping Your Home Chocolate Fountain for Mother’s Day

From Renting Chocolate Fountains to Building a Chocolate Hotel: A Chocoholic’s Journey

If you are looking for the ultimate chocolate experience and plan to be in the UK, consider staying at the Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth, where the family-owned hotel had their chocolate dreams realized.