Sephra Duo Lane Commercial Donut Machine 230v


Sephra Duo Lane Commercial Donut Machine 230v

The new Sephra Duo Lane Fully Automatic Commercial Donut Machine is reliable and easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Featuring two cooking lanes, the machine is capable of producing up to 240 full-size doughnuts per hour. The compact size makes it a great choice for facilities with limited space.


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Sephra's Duo Lane Commercial Donut Machine

Donut-making, brought to New York by Dutch settlers in the early 19th century, donuts are at the heart of American sweet treats. If you're seeking the perfect machine to make these delightful desserts, look no further than Sephra. Sephra's Duo-lane Commercial Donut Machine has been manufactured for use in commercial food service businesses. Our Donut Maker is fully automatic, featuring two cooking lanes allowing you to produce up to 240 donuts per hour. Fully customizable, allowing you to adjust temperature, cooking time, and donut size.


Introduction to Donut Making

Who doesn't love the soft, doughy sweetness of a well-made donut? Whether glazed, dusted or iced, donuts a beloved dish across the USA. But to make great donuts, you need great equipment.

Why Choose Sephra?

Sephra USA, renowned for outstanding culinary equipment, presents our Commercial Donut Maker. Here's why it stands out

Ease of Use

Whether you're a novice or a seasoned chef, Sephra's design ensures that making donuts is a cakewalk. With easily adjustable settings and a built-in oil drain valve, you can make donuts easily and without fuss.


Like all the equipment we sell, Sephra’s Donut Maker is built to last, and with our "just-add-water" donut mix, you can achieve consistent results, every time.

Sephra Quality

Crafted with reliability and durability in mind, using high-quality materials. Sephra ensures that your investment pays off in the long run.
A selection of different colored, iced donuts with sprinkles” width:=

Compact Design

Our donut maker’s compact design make it a great choice for thos with limited space available.

The High margin of Donuts

Considering setting up a donut station in your business? It's a profitable idea! Donuts have a high margin, meaning that the cost of making them is much lower than the selling price. And with Sephra's Donut Maker, you're in for consistent quality and happy, returning customers.

A variety of iced and glazed donuts

How to Make Perfect Donuts with Sephra

Getting the Donut mix consistency right is half the battle. But with Sephra, you're always on the winning side. Our donut mix yields approximately 90 donuts per bag! Simply follow the instructions, making sure to not overmix, rest the batter for 10 minutes, and start frying!

Essential Accessories for Donut Making

While the donut machine is the star, our donut-making accessories are the supporting cast.

Sephra Ingredients

With 16 flavors to choose from Sephra Topping Sauces are an ideal finishing touch for your creations. Why not pair with our Belgian Chocolate? Create a delicious, indulgent experience for your customers.

Take your menu to the next level with Sephra

Ready to offer these delicious treats to your customers? Sephra USA is your one-stop shop for all your donut-making needs!

230v 2650w Single Phase 50 Hz. Ships with a NEMA 6-15P grounded plug. (you will require a NEMA 6-15R Grounded Receptacle/socket installed in your location)

Makes up to 240 full-size cake donuts per hour

Shortening/oil capacity — 8L / 270.5 FLOZ

Dough dispenser capacity — 7L / 236.7 FLOZ

Adjustable temperature

Adjustable cooking time

Adjustable donut weight / size

Built-in oil drain valve

Made of food-grade stainless steel AISI 304

1 Year Return-to-Base Warranty

Net Weight 27kg / 60lb

Dimensions 790mm x 550mm x 600mm / 31.1" x 21.6" x 23.6"

Stainless steel donut tray not included.

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