Sephra Diamond BBQ Grill


Sephra Diamond BBQ Grill

This German outdoor professional kitchen, luxury charcoal BBQ grill, called the "Sephra Diamond Grill", creates a new age of grilling history. The symbiosis of unique design and cutting-edge technology extends the possibilities of outdoor cooking remarkably.

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A New Dawn For BBQ Grills

Welcome to the new age of Kamodo barbeque with the modern, sophisticated, and stunning Sephra Diamond Grill. With world-class design and construction, this head-turner is an ideal addition to any home with a love of outdoor cooking or for the professional chef looking to create the best BBQ flavor.

This premium grill offers unlimited flavor possibilities and cooking options, from grilling and smoking to baking & roasting (that’s right) and everything in between.

Fast And Hot

Made in Germany from high-quality double-walled stainless steel, the Sephra Diamond BBQ Grill can reach 250 degrees C in only 25 minutes and offers a top temperature of an incredible 500 degrees C. The charcoal has a steady controllable stream of fresh air whilst sitting on the fire grid, maximizing the temperature potential. The hard-wearing, heavy-duty cast-iron griddle surface will stand up to the most rigorous cooking conditions and will create a stunning branding on your meat or fish. The included deflector plate offers even cooking results by protecting your food from direct heat and fire when required.

You're In Control

The Sephra Diamond Grill has a variety of features that make it super easy to use, simply heat, add food, and walk away until ready! An adjustable Smoke Funnel in combination with the adjustable Air Supply Control allows for exact temperature control by regulating the air stream which provides the charcoal with oxygen. The thermometer shows the precise interior temperature. Thanks to its efficient insulation, you can cook within 20 minutes using less charcoal than a traditional barbeque. For ease of cleaning, the ashtray can be easily removed by opening the external snap locks. Unlike others in the marketplace, the Sephra Diamond Grill comes with its Stand (Setting), Castors, Pizza Stone and Diamond Wings as we like to call them, all included. Made from the same hard-wearing stainless steel, these wings sit at the same height as the griddle, offering a convenient and safe surface for working, tools or plates.

FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION - The Sephra Diamond BBQ Grill combines the features of classic kamado cooking with a new perfection of design being both natural, and geometric

A Unique Grilling Experience

Adjustable Smoke Funnel

The regulation of the air stream enables control of the exact temperature.


Shows the precise interior temperature under the lid.

Diamond Wings

Hardwearing Stainless-Steel Boards at the same height as the grid. Facilitates working and offers convenient surfaces for plates, ingredients, and tools.

Lid Handle

Robust and heat-insulated handle for a safe and easy opening of the Diamond Grill.

Air Supply Control

The combination with the adjustable smoke funnel allows precise temperature control. The air streams through the double wall under the charcoal and provides it with oxygen.

Double-Walled Casing

The efficient heat insulation ensures long cooking times with less charcoal and cooking within 20mins.

Ash Tray

The ash of the burned charcoal falls into the easily removable ashtray. After the opening of the snap locks the complete tray can be extracted for quick emptying.

The multitude of functions, features and benefits of the Sephra Diamond BBQ Grill Grill Surface - 64cm. Time to heat 0-130 degrees C15 mins, 0-250 degrees C 25 mins. High Baking Temp - Over 400 degrees C, ideal for pizza. Maximum Runtime - Up to 48 hrs with one batch of charcoal. Demonstration of airflow technology and how it creates even cooking, as well as ventilation under dome where food can be cooked.


Low & Slow

Pure flavour! That‘s the way to prepare meat like a pro. Through cooking, at the low temperature your roast beef, spareribs, pulled pork and poultry become juicy and tender. The meat is cooked slowly and gently between 95°C and 145°C over a period of 3 up to 24 hours. Hence it has enough time to absorb the intensive flavours of the smoking wood chips. The supreme discipline of BBQ.

Grilling & Roasting

Quick and easy! Give your steaks, burgers, sausages, fish and chicken breasts the unique branding from a cast iron grid. With the Sephra Diamond Grill, you transfer your perfectly marbled steak into a modern "Chef d'oeuvre".

Indirect Cooking

The Heat Deflector is the most important accessory to turn your Sephra Diamond Grill into an entire professional kitchen. Placed between the hot charcoal and your food the deflector protects your meals from the intensive direct heat. A hot airflow is being created under the lid which ensures an even heat like in a convection oven and allows versatile cooking possibilities. Refine your flavour creations with completely new nuances. Different smoking woods give your food a subtle taste of smoke and intensify the flavour experience. Whether for fish, meat or vegetables. Every kind of wood has a special taste, and the possibilities of combinations are numerous. Baking

Bake pizza, bread, cakes, and pies on your Sephra Diamond Grill. The even heat under the lid and the included baking stone makes a true charcoal-fired stone baking oven out of your barbecue grill.


Cook your vegetables, pasta, and salmon in the mild steam of boiling water. The included heat deflector has incorporated water tubs that are placed over the hot charcoal. As a result, the important vitamins and nutrition are preserved, and you can serve your colourful vegetables.

A spread of a variety of grilled food items

*Made in Germany*
Diamond Grill Grill surface: 2.982cm2
Diamond Grill Dimensions: 740 x 800mm
Diamond Grill Weight: 104lb / 47kg

Diamond Grill Stand: 610 x 610 x 690mm
Diamond Grill Stand Weight: 37.5lb / 17kg
Diamond Grill Wing Boards: each 300 x 595mm

Grill Surface: 64 cm
Time to heat up: 0-130°C approx. 15 min
Time to heat up: 0-250°C approx. 25 min

High Baking Temperature >400°C - Ideal for baking pizza

Maximum RunTime: Up to 48 hours. Runtime with one batch of charcoal (depending on the charcoal quality and grill temperature).

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