Sephra Chocolate Melter - 3 x 0.8L

Sephra Chocolate Melter - 3 x 0.8L

A Chocolate Melter will add an extra dimension to your business, enabling you to dip or drizzle fresh fruit, waffles or pastries in smooth, melted chocolate quickly and easily.

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Sephra Chocolate Melters are made to the highest quality and will not only melt your chocolate, but keep it at the perfect temperature throughout your food service.

It consists of a heat-resistant plastic case with 3x covered stainless steel bowls, which are removable for easy cleaning.

The dry heat system warms the base and sides of the containers, to maintain an even temperature for your chocolate.


  • 3 x 0.8ltr capacity (per bowl)
  • Analogue thermostat up to 50 degrees C
  • 110 v / 90watts
  • Machine dimensions: 38.5x26.5x13.5 cm
  • Net weight: 5.3kg / 12lb

Durable plastic structure, removable containers, and lids made of stainless steel.

Dry (no water) heating system at both the bottom and sides to guarantee an even temperature.

Analog thermostat to easily adjust and maintain the temperature.

Available in different sizes, and with a single or several containers: 1.5 L • 3.5 L •6 L • 9 L • 13.7 L • 2x1.5 L • 3x0.8 L • 4x1.5 L


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