Commercial Chocolate Fountains and Home fondue chocolate fountains

About Sephra

Sephra Chocolate Fountains are recognized worldwide as being the highest quality chocolate fountains available. Our chocolate fountains run quietly and deliver a beautiful cascade of chocolate. We offer six models of chocolate fountains for commercial use, three models of home chocolate fountains for entertaining your friends and family and our special Sephra Chocolate for chocolate fountains. Sephra fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains was specifically created to flow perfectly without the addition of oil to the chocolate. We take great pride in providing our customers with a wonderful experience using our Sephra Chocolate Fountains and our delicious Sephra fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Since our inception in 2003, Sephra has set the standard for innovation and quality in the chocolate fountain industry.  We are a family owned and operated company whose employees enjoy working together and take pride in knowing that through our efforts thousands of other families and businesses are generating income to support themselves.

We have had fun creating the Sephra chocolate fountain line of products and wanted the company to have a story and image associated with the historical richness of chocolate. To this end we created the Legend of Sephra, a balance of chocolate fact and fiction. We invite you to take a moment to read the Legend and decide for yourself what is fact and what is fiction.

In researching the history of chocolate and creating the Legend of Sephra, we decided to name our chocolate fountains after names associated with the Aztec Nation.  The Aztecs, as history records, were the first people who highly valued the cocoa bean and deemed the chocolate drink they created to be the “Drink of the Gods”.  We now offer six different sizes of commercial chocolate fountains ranging from 44 inches in height to 23 inches.  The names are respectively: The Sephra, The Montezuma, The Aztec and The Cortez.

Sephra currently holds four issued patents which cover multiple design innovations that enhance the functionality of the chocolate fountain and improve the sanitary features. No other chocolate fountains compare to our unique features which make set up and cleaning very simple.

In addition to our innovative  chocolate fountains, we were the first to develop a couverture fountain ready chocolate.  This was in stark contrast to the previous standard of adding vegetable oil which destroys the taste and is terribly messy. Our chocolate recipes boast a velvet smooth texture,  intensely rich flavor and  wonderful aroma.  We also introduced the 2 lb microwaveable bag so caterers could easily melt the chocolate quickly and without the mess of large bowls. These bags also reduced waste as the caterer could easily add chocolate during the event in 2lb increments as needed.  These bags also ensured unused chocolate would maintain its quality during storage.

In addition to our commercial line of chocolate fountains, Sephra has created a line of consumer chocolate fountains. Our Sephra Home Fondue Fountains are unequaled in quality and are designed  to provide hours of enjoyment over the years. Because of the strength of the Sephra motor and our patented design features, the flow of  chocolate in our fountains is perfect, creating a full curtain of chocolate cascading over the tiers.

Regardless of the event, the chocolate fountain quickly becomes the gathering place for memories to be shared and made.
Our fountains are now distributed throughout the world and we take pride in serving the distinct and individual needs of our customers across the globe. Each customer is extremely important to us and represents someone using our products to advance their economic welfare, increase their standard of living, or to create fond memories with family and friends. We welcome you to become part of the Sephra family.

We appreciate your business!  

David Archer