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8 great reasons to hire a chocolate fountain for your wedding party

Years from now, as friends and family recall your wedding day or party, they’ll remember your smile, your excitement and some details of your wedding reception.
They’ll recall where you had the reception and have a vague idea of what the decorations looked like.
Maybe they'll remember some details of your gorgeous dress, but have no doubt… they will remember the chocolate fountain!
Here are a few more reasons to hire a chocolate fountain for your wedding reception or party:
  • It makes a great centerpiece and can be decorated to complement your theme
  • It's fun to watch – your younger guests will be smitten!
  • You can use it outdoors with the addition of a
  • It's a great conversation starter
  • You can fondue many things, including chocolate, cheese and even
  • The dipping options are endless – strawberries, apple, banana, pineapple, marshmallows, cream puffs, mini donuts... the list goes on!
  • Some might say a party isn't a party without a chocolate fountain

Hints and tips to help your party go with a swing

  • Makes sure you have plenty of napkins, plates or serving trays to catch any drips. No one wants any fondue on their good frock!
  • are a must (and the most cost effective)! Make sure you order plenty
  • Make sure your caterer has a to save your guests having to go 'fishing' for lost strawberries and marshmallows in the fountain
  • A will help keep your table neat and clean and will be very much appreciated by the clean-up crew! This is even more important if your party is outdoors. Trust us, blowing chocolate is a thing!
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Drinking Chocolate from Sephra Belgain Dark Chocolate

Drinking chocolate is more than just adding powdered chocolate mixture to boiling water or milk, largely because drinking chocolate has been around since Columbus was credited with “discovering” this exotic treat in the New World. Next time you are craving some hot chocolate, try a little homemade hot chocolate that will satisfy your lust for rich chocolate and warm you on a cold day. A Short History of Drinking Chocolate In 1502, Columbus first encountered the Aztecs drinking a strange brew made from cocoa beans, which come from the Theobroma tree native to tropical areas like Mexico, and translates as “Food of the Gods.” Columbus also observed Montezuma drink 50 cups of drinking chocolate each day, which he found incredible, especially since he found the drink too bitter. The Aztecs would roast the cocoa beans before grinding them into a paste. They then added chili peppers, vanilla and water to the chocolate paste. Although Columbus brought a sample of cocoa beans back to Spain, it wasn’t until Hernando Cortez brought cocoa beans back after 1520 that the Spanish started sweetening the paste by adding ingredients like sugar, vanilla, cloves, cinnamon, orange flower, hazelnuts or almonds that they began to see the merit of these cocoa beans. Once milk or water was added to this fragrant and sweet chocolate paste, the popularity of drinking chocolate quickly spread throughout Europe.

Drinking Chocolate Like a True Chocolate Lover If you want to experience a truly chocolate drinking chocolate, then you’ll need quality ingredients, beginning with quality chocolate, such as Sephra chocolate. The type of chocolate your choose, such as semisweet, and the type of milk, such as whole vs. skim, makes a tremendous difference in the final taste of the drinking chocolate. For a basic cup of delicious hot drinking chocolate, combine 2 cups of milk, 3 ounces of chopped semisweet Sephra chocolate, 1 ounce of chopped Sephra milk chocolate and 1 teaspoon of white sugar (optional) in a saucepan and whisk until almost boiling. Remove from heat and either whip with an immersion blender for extra foam, or pour immediately into two mugs and top with a dollop of real whipped cream. For an extra kick, stir in a pinch of chili powder to your drinking chocolate, or if you’re a coffee lover as well, replace half the milk with freshly brewed coffee or espresso for a unique mocha flavor. You can also stir in a vanilla bean into your drinking chocolate mixture or stir with a cinnamon stick. That’s the beauty of making your own drinking chocolate using quality ingredients: the final taste is entirely up to you.

Restaurants Take Advantage of Chocolate Fountains to Increase Profits

Chocolate's popularity is undeniable, particularly in the younger and female demographics. To entice patrons, more restaurants are turning to chocolate to strengthen the profitability of their desert menus.

Chocolate Trends in Restaurants

One of the biggest trends in chocolate is mixing different types of chocolate into one dessert, such as juxtaposing white and dark chocolates. A popular restaurant in San Francisco offers a dessert comprised of semi-sweet and milk chocolate mousse to answer this trend, while an Atlanta restaurateur offers a triple chocolate cake. Another popular trend is pairing sweet and spicy, sweet and salty tastes, such as chocolate covered jalapeño peppers or chocolate cake with spiced pecans. To truly stand out from the other restaurants on the block, you can incorporate chocolate into your menu with a creative flair. There is a way to make a profit from offering chocolate desserts, attract attention with a unique spin on chocolate desserts, and incorporate the above trends of mixing tastes and chocolates: the chocolate fountain. How Chocolate Fountains Can Increase Profit Many restaurants worry about the time, labor and rising cost of cocoa, using these as an excuse not to offer a chocolate dessert or to offer small tastes of chocolate incorporated into other desserts, such as chocolate sauce drizzled over cheesecake. One way to eliminate some of these concerns is by having a chocolate fountain dessert table, like a dessert bar, that will entice customers to return again and again. Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains are easy to use, breaking down easily and quickly for storage, but just as easily reassembled. Sephra's chocolate for chocolate fountains is of the highest quality and is made specifically for their chocolate fountains with no additional ingredients necessary. You can easily set up more than one fountain to offer more different types of chocolate, such as dark and milk chocolate, or dark, milk and white chocolate. Then, offer various dipping treats such as strawberries, cherries, bananas, cheesecake, pound cake, pretzel sticks, brownies and small cookies. Any dessert currently featured on the menu that would pair well with chocolate could easily be cut into cubes for the chocolate fountain display. Now, you have virtually no labor worries since operating the fountain is simple and your customers do the work of choosing and dipping their own dessert. Sephra's chocolate fountains and chocolate for chocolate fountains are reasonably priced, and businesses often recoup its cost within several uses. Once they are paid for, your only cost will be the chocolate and dipping treats, which you'll factor into the dessert bar's cost. Plus, word of mouth describing the amazing and delicious chocolate fountain dessert bar will bring new business!  

Choose the Best Commercial Chocolate Fountain

Any event that takes advantage of Sephra's commercial chocolate fountains is sure to dazzle guests with its elegant presentation and cascade of delicious chocolate. Sephra is known for providing chocolate fountain entrepreneurs with the highest quality chocolate fountains, as well as a decadent chocolate that's ready-made for the fountain. Chocolate fountains are user-friendly, and Sephra offers a model perfect for events of all sizes. To make sure you can please all your clients who request a Sephra chocolate fountain, read the following descriptions to decide which chocolate fountain (or combination) will best complement your business.

Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountain: Ultimate Presentation

If you have clients who host large events or operate a venue that regularly hosts such events, like corporate parties or weddings, then you will want to offer them the Sephra 44-inch commercial chocolate fountain. It comes in a choice of 2 finishes: brushed or polished stainless steel for a sleek, contemporary look. It makes a striking centerpiece with 4 tiers of cascading chocolate. The Sephra holds up to 20 pounds of chocolate and will leave over 150 guests satisfied.

Montezuma Chocolate Fountain: Perfect for Events Large and Small

The Montezuma commercial chocolate fountain is a popular chocolate fountain rental, standing 34 inches tall with 3 tiers, making it suitable for events large and small. It also comes in the choice of brushed or polished food grade stainless steel, making it the perfect complement to a casual or formal affair. The Montezuma uses the same base as the Sephra, giving it the capability to hold 20 pounds of chocolate; however, it can hold as little as 12 pounds for parties of less than 150 people.

Aztec and Cortez Chocolate Fountains: Beautiful Starters and Supplements

The Aztec and Cortez commercial chocolate fountains offer the ability to stand alone or complement one of the larger chocolate fountains. The Aztec chocolate fountain stands at 27 inches, uses 11 pounds of chocolate and serves between 75 and 150 guests. The Cortez model chocolate fountain is 23 inches tall, is easily transported, and yet still holds 10 pounds of chocolate, serving 50 to 75 guests. These smaller chocolate fountains are ideal both for small businesses just getting started in chocolate fountain rentals, as well as established businesses who would like to use one of these in conjunction with the Montezuma or Sephra to create a chocolate fountain arrangement at their next large event. All of these chocolate fountains include a removable basin for easy cleaning, a limited lifetime warranty, and are constructed with food grade stainless steel. Even better, Sephra's fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains is ready for use without adding ingredients, making this an easy choice for convenience and quality. Choose the model that best suits the type and size of event you host, and it will not only pay for itself after a few rentals, but will keep your clients requesting one again and again!

Sephra Chocolate Manufactured by the Best: Barry Callebaut

Sephra has worked hard to create the perfect couverture chocolate for chocolate fountains, pioneering the industry with the very first flowing chocolate which did not require the addition of oil. To make its fondue chocolate for chocolate fountains perfectly delicious, Sephra proudly works with world-renowned chocolatier Barry Callebaut.

Cosmopolitan Chocolate Fountains: Sephra Around the World

Chocolate is a worldwide passion enjoyed by many different cultures and people. Chocolate might even be considered the new olive branch of peace. After all, even if people cannot agree on politics or religious beliefs, they may just agree that a piece of chocolate is like a piece of heaven.