Oil-based Chocolate Coloring (Red)


Oil-based Chocolate Coloring (Red)

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Create many shades of red easily in your chocolate fountain. Check out 'how to' in the video below.

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It's not always brown and white! Add chocolate coloring dye to your white chocolate to create a curtain of beautifully colored fondue.

Color dye or coloring oil can be adjusted to obtain deep or pastel hues; perfect for holidays and themed events.

Available in 8 eye popping colors!

2-oz flip-top bottle, branding may vary.

For white chocolate only. 

Start with two drops and allow the fountain to mix it through. Simply add more drops to adjust tone. 

Note: For a dark red color, 2-3 bottles will be required. You may also need to add a little vegetable oil to the chocolate as the red dye causes the chocolate to thicken slightly.

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