Probiotics are all the rage lately, and they are found anywhere from snacks to dairy products to beverages. Probiotics are proven to improve health, but a product labeled with probioitics does not mean your body can absorb it all…unless you’re consuming probiotic chocolate.

Probiotics Love Chocolate Too!

Good news for all the chocoholics out there! Probiotics are now proven to have a much higher survival rate in chocolate, meaning they’ll make it through digestion and into the small intestines where they’ll go to work on improving your health. Studies show that chocolate infused with probiotics are capable of retaining three times more probiotics than their milk and yogurt drink counterparts!

With most probiotic products, the problem is stomach acid. When consuming milk and yogurt drinks found in your local grocery store containing probiotics, many of the probiotics are lost once the drink reaches your stomach due to high acidity. This means that only 20 percent of the probiotics initially consumed make it into the lower intestines.

Probiotic chocolate, however, is hardly affected at all by stomach acids present during digestion, meaning that late night snack of probiotic chocolate is great for your health. Indeed, consuming probiotic chocolate can be a guilt-free pleasure.

Probiotics, in order to work in the body, need to be alive in the food or drink being consumed and consumed orally. Once this is accomplished, the probiotics must survive stomach digestion alive in order to have health benefits. What does that mean for you? Eat more probiotic chocolate!

Chocolate for You and Your Customers

Milk and yogurt drinks are tasty, but why not choose delicious probiotic chocolate? You will enjoy a healthy dose of probiotics that will survive digestion, ready to balance your intestinal health.

Getting on board with Sephra’s probiotic chocolate means reaching a new, health-conscious audience who never knew chocolate could be so delicious and healthy at the same time – unless you let them in on the secret.

Probiotic Chocolate
probiotic chocolate
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