I’ve been in the mood to create new chocolate bark recipes here at Sephra and have come up with some great holiday gift ideas. Being the chocolate lover I am I can pretty much combine chocolate with anything and be happy – like potato chips or bacon dipped in chocolate… scrumptious… but I will err on the conservative side for these chocolate recipes. Still delish – everyone will love them!

Chocolate Bark Recipe Ideas

Of course peppermint bark is the all-time favorite made with delicious white chocolate – and certainly a delicious choice for candy making enthusiasts.  I’ve also added white chocolate pretzel bark to our repertoire, which I discovered by accident and is a fantastic combination of sweet and salty.

The latest invention is one of our very favorites. Everyone here at Sephra has unanimously given a thumbs up to our Toasted Pecan White Chocolate Bark. This is an absolutely phenomenal taste sensation! Ridiculously easy and looks and tastes like something you got at Williams Sonoma.

Toasted Pecan White Chocolate Bark

This a very versatile chocolate bark recipe. If you prefer, use milk chocolate melts or dark chocolate melts. Even white chocolate with a drizzle of milk or dark chocolate melts over the top is fantastic and looks so professional. Feel free to change up the nuts. We find the flavor of roasted pecans is amazing. And actually have some tips on how to toast pecans.  We prefer the combination of the toasted pecans and white chocolate melts the best.

Give Holiday Treats Early! 

Make some amazing treats and wrap them in little cellophane gift giving bags (from your nearest craft store) and tie on ribbon which reflects the flavor of the season. We did ours in November and gave them as little precursors to the Christmas season. We just used a simple twine to tie the bags. So many people do little holiday treats in December, so we decided to beat the crowd… and really stand out. We did!

Chocolate Melts – Easy Recipe Secret

The secret to the simplicity of this recipe is using Sephra Chocolate Melts. This delicious candy making chocolate requires no tempering. Simply melt the chocolate right in the bag; knead the bag in your hands and squeeze into a bowl – then mix with your favorite ingredient. Or you can squeeze the chocolate right onto your pan and sprinkle with pecans, or your choice of toppings. Let it set for about an hour and it’s good to go.

I find keeping the bark on the thinner side makes it more flavorful. So spread your bark about 3/16 to 1/4″ thick. It’s easier to break apart and easier to eat.

The chocolate is delicious the process is simple! You will be delighted with the outcome of your recipe.

Roasting or toasting the pecans is optional but it gives them such a delicious flavor. I highly recommend it. Then I use the left overs to put into my morning yogurt.

Toasted Pecan White Chocolate Bark

YEILD: This recipe makes one 12 x 18” pan of bark; which made about 6-8 little cellophane bags for giveaway.

What you need: (You’ll probably want to double or triple this recipe – melts come in assorted sizes)

One 2 lb bag of Sephra White Chocolate Melts 

2 ½ Cups whole pecans – get them in bulk from your favorite warehouse store

Parchment paper

Large cookie sheet – ours was 12” x 18”

Cellophane bags and ribbon for gift giving

What we did: 

  1. Cover your cookie sheet with parchment paper, wax paper or tin foil.
  2. Toast pecans – see our post on “How to Toast Pecans
  3. Let cool and chop. Set aside.
  4. Microwave the chocolate according to package directions. DO NOT OPEN THE BAG YET!
  5. Basically melt at half power for about one to two minutes at a time. Knead bag in between melting.
  6. Once chocolate is melted (it will feel smooth and creamy as you knead it) carefully tear top off and pour into a bowl.
  8. Immediately add chopped nuts and stir until blended. Pour mixture onto your parchment paper covered pan.
  9. Spread to about ¼” (basically the same height as your chopped nuts).
  10. Let set until firm – between 45 minutes to an hour and it’s good to go. No need to refrigerate.

NOTE: You want your pan to be big enough to be able to spread the bark to the proper thickness. Or thin-ness in this case. Use two pans if you need to. The chocolate bark breaks more easily and is much more flavorful if it is between 3/16” and ¼” thick.

Break into bite size pieces and do your best to put most of it into little cellophane gift bags to give away as holiday gifts. It’s a real challenge not to eat more than you pack! Tie with appropriate ribbon for the occasion. These make great Christmas and holiday gifts for family and friends, but are also awesome wedding favors!
Please comment below with any recipe variations you’d like to share!


Toasted Pecan White Chocolate Bark Toasted Pecan White Chocolate Bark