Yes, as you can imagine, we work under pretty tough circumstances. Surrounded by cases and cases of Belgian dark chocolate, bags of white and milk chocolate on our shelves for our customers to purchase (and for stress relief for our employees). Then of course when a new fountain or type of chocolate needs to be tested, well of course, the powers that be look to us to taste and taste again – until we decided which type of chocolate we love the most or which flows better through our chocolate fountains. Yes indeed. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it!

Our employees are selfless and so giving that when Sephra developed their own delicious waffle batter mix we decided to start a tradition. Something all of us could look forward to at the end of the week. Something that would or would not involve chocolate. So “Waffle Friday” was born.

Friday mornings at the Sephra offices are filled with fresh strawberries, bananas, peaches and whipped cream. Our Sephra Waffle Mix is so easy to make – you just add water – so the waffles are done in a matter of minutes.

What a delicious way to kick off Fridays! Now there may be the occasional rebel who has not had their fill of chocolate through out the week who may prefer to the chocolate chip waffles route. That would be me. Can you ever have too much chocolate? Honestly – NO. You can never have too much chocolate! So yes, as we strive to do our jobs and are such givers at taste testing new chocolate products, etc. and no one seems to feel for us.

But if you’re looking for a fun way to increase moral in your work place try our Sephra Waffle Batter or Sephra Crepe Mix. We do throw in an occasional Crepe Friday which is awesome too. In addition to the waffle and crepe mix, we do carry an extraordinary line of crepe makers, too.

Food for thought – have you ever been to one of those food bazaars – such as weekly farmers markets, pumpkin patches, fairs and carnivals that offer all types of food? Crepes would be a delicous addition to the menu!