Mother’s Day weekend marked the date for the First Annual Sephra Chocolate Fest. This tasty event was sponsored by Sephra, the worlds leading manufacturer of commercial and home chocolate fountains, to thank the community for eight years of support and give folks a chance to sample a little chocolate and unlimited chocolate dipped strawberries. As it turned out  – they did a lot of both! And it was absolutely free to everyone!

Sephra skewered over 6,000 strawberries; set up five commercial chocolate fountains; sampled Belgian Dark Chocolate, Belgian Milk Chocolate, Belgian White Chocolate, Sephra Premium Dark; Sephra Premium Milk, Sephra Dark Chocolate Melts, Sephra Milk Chocolate Melts and Sephra White Chocolate Melts. Who knew there were so many delicious chocolate options available at Sephra? No arms had to be twisted to get them to taste all eight scrumptious varieties. Sephra even hired an awesome DJ; had a balloon artist for the kids, raffled off several Sephra Home Fountains and a bunch of chocolate and we all had a ton of fun!

Chocolate Fountain Celebration

Party rental attendants showed up at 6 a.m. Saturday, May 7 to erect a giant white tent in the parking lot in front of Sephra’s offices, located in the business park of Rancho Bernardo, a northerly community of San Diego, CA. All of Sephra’s employees were on hand and began the various tasks of hanging signs; setting up chocolate fountains; washing and skewering strawberries and making ready to welcome the community.

Ready Set Flow:All five stainless steel commercial chocolate fountains were ready to flow at 11:00 a.m. and a steady stream of delighted dippers made their way from one fountain to the next, tasting the Belgian dark and milk as well as the Sephra Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Melts. The Belgian seemed to be the hands down favorite for dipping; while the Sephra Melts are a fabulous candy making chocolate. The center fountain was Sephra’s grand 44” commercial chocolate fountain, known by her friends as “The Sephra”, cascading with delectable Belgian white chocolate colored a candy pink color. It was a heavenly taste sensation as well as a beautiful sight, to say the least.

TheChocolate Fountains in San Diego dipping went on until 2:00 p.m. at which time fountains were retired, the tents came down and everyone went away with happy little chocolate mustaches. If you missed it, don’t despair, CEO Rick Muir promises another chocolaty event next year!

Chocolate Fountain Celebration
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