What better way to celebrate one of life’s major milestones than with family, friends and a delicious chocolate fountain! Graduating from high school or college is always an event worth celebrating, and by following these tips, you can put together a plan that includes one or more chocolate fountain rentals to enhance a personalized graduation party.

Decorating for the Graduate With a School Theme

Graduation Party Ideas

A graduation celebration is the perfect opportunity to buy a Sephra Home Fondue Fountain or hire a chocolate fountain rental company. Theme ideas for a graduation party are numerous, colorful and easy to attain. What better way to celebrate graduation than by using the school colors and mascot as the theme and color scheme for the party?

As an example, if the university colors are red and white and the mascot is a beaver, then decorating the chocolate fountain table in red and white is a great way to show school spirit. You might use a red tablecloth and serve the dipping treats in white bowls or layer a red runner over a white tablecloth.  Obtain a few mascot souvenirs, such as a stuffed or plastic beaver, and place them between serving dishes. Or use the mascot as a topper on the chocolate fountain along with a small graduation cap.

Use a pair of chocolate fountains, one with white chocolate fondue and the other white fondue chocolate dyed red. The fountain shown below is actually flowing with a fruity fondue known as Coulis. Either option will be colorful and delicious. Arrange red and white dipping treats, such as angel food squares, pound cake bites, red velvet cake, strawberries, cherries and raspberries in baskets and dishes on the chocolate fountain table.

 White chocolate fondue fountain

 Personalizing a Graduation Party

Another fun way to personalize a chocolate fountain graduation party is by incorporating the graduate’s school activities and major (if a college graduate) or future major (for a high school grad with a plan) into the school color theme.

If the high school graduate was a baseball player, incorporating a baseball theme is a great way to honor this accomplishment. You could place baseball paraphernalia, like a small bat, mitt and baseball, across the chocolate fountain table and then use a graduation cap over a small bat as the chocolate fountain topper. A nursing school graduate might warrant decorations that include a glass jar of throat depressors (large popsicle sticks), a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff to decorate the dessert table.

Increase the Number of your Rental Events

If you own a chocolate fountain rental business, graduation season can bring many events your way. As long as you are willing to tailor a graduation party to fit the personality of each client, your chocolate fountain rental business will a hit among the graduation circuit and could lead to additional business! Create a clever flyer to post at various schools in your area. Be sure to hit the school office and offer the chocolate fountain for Prom and Grad Night. Do this well in advance so they can plan for you in the budget.