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Years of research have gone into perfecting Sephra’s Commercial Chocolate Fountains.

But you’re likely to have lots of questions when considering buying one for the very first time. 

If you are thinking about adding one to your inventory as part of your rental, catering or hospitality business, there are a few things to think about. 

After all, commercial chocolate fountains come in all shapes and sizes and cater for different numbers of people. 

Factors to consider when buying a Commercial Chocolate Fountain

You might want to ask the following questions: 

Will the fountain be covered by warranty?

When it comes to Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountains, the answer is “yes”.
All our fountains come with a limited lifetime warranty, which covers manufacturer defects.

Will I be able to service the fountain and source spare parts?

Again, if you choose Sephra, it’s a yes. We have a dedicated customer service team which can help with troubleshooting, repairs and spare parts. 

Naturally, over time and with frequent use, some components are liable to wear and tear. But whether it’s the thermostat or tier set, we can help diagnose the problem and suggest the appropriate solution. 

Our motto is to help customers repair rather than return. We also recommend a service after every 1500 hours of use to keep your commercial chocolate fountain in good working order.

And, of course, we sell parts and service kits. 

We want your commercial chocolate fountain to remain a long-standing and integral part of your business which generates income and enjoyment for years to come. 
As with any piece of equipment, you’ll get years of service from your Sephra fountain with proper care and routine maintenance. 

Patented commercial chocolate fountain features

There are some features of the Sephra Chocolate Fountains which are specific to Sephra and patented.

This  means NO ONE else has these features or, if they do, they have had to legally obtain rights to use the specific feature from Sephra.

Our Sephra Auger and WhisperQuiet Motor are two of these special features. Do they make a difference? You bet!

We can’t imagine being at a special occasion and have a whirring, loud motor of a chocolate fountain running in the background.

That will never happen with Sephra’s Whisper QuietMotor. You can run the fountain and it won’t be obtrusive, no matter when or where you set it up. 


Chocolate Fondue Melts in the Basin

The ability to melt the chocolate directly in the basin of the machine, without having to use a microwave or double-boiler water bath to get the chocolate melted and ready to flow is another BIG reason to buy #1. At best, putting the chocolate in a microwave oven to melt is the quickest way to melt the chocolate and also the quickest way to scorch pounds of chocolate fondue in nothing flat. We’ve all tasted burned chocolate and know there’s no way to cover up that distinct burned chocolate flavor except… trash can! Consider how easy it is to simply empty the Sephra chocolate chips directly into the basin, stir every once in awhile, and attain the perfect temperature and viscosity. It takes about 45-60 minutes to melt 20 pounds of chocolate this way. Yes, a few minutes longer than the micro, but during this time you can be setting up your dipping items and arranging the chocolate fountain table to achieve that picture perfect look. Also, you have no idea what it means to the Bride or Host/Hostess, who has hired your services, to know you’re at the event, on time, and all is under control. It gives them a sense of security that you’re THERE and will be ready to go when they want you to start the chocolate fountain. These might seem like small things, but oh, they are so important to your reputation and “word of mouth” advertising. You can’t buy peace of mind for the customer and you can’t buy ‘word of mouth’ advertising (positive or negative) for your business. It’s priceless!

Picture Perfect Events

We eat with our eyes, so you want to achieve that picture perfect chocolate fountain table. If you have set up the fountain correctly, maintaining a level surface (actually use a builders’ eye level; I think they’re about $5 at Home Depot… the best five bucks you’ll ever spend… don’t trust your eyesight) you will have a perfect curtain of warm, luscious fondue chocolate cascading down the tiers every time. Our Sephra Auger will pull the chocolate fondue up and allow it to flow down the tier set without noise or interruption. From a distance, it doesn’t even look like the chocolate is moving. We’ve had people comment that the chocolate fountain looks like a piece of pottery 😊 For more “picture perfect chocolate fountain ideas check out our Pinterest page.

Another feature of the Sephra fountains is that you can fondue without heat. Fill your fondue fountains with Ranch Dressing and serve a beautiful array of healthy veggies, or dollop some dressing on chicken strips and have just as much fun. Didn’t I tell you Sephra makes the BEST fountains in the world?

So, now that you know a little bit about the main features built into each Sephra chocolate fountain, let’s talk about the specifics of the 6 main commercial chocolate fountains Sephra carries and figure out which one(s) will best suit your needs and events. Each event is unique and requires different fountain elements. But first – the most Frequently Asked Question…

How Much Chocolate Will I Need?

A little sidebar here, but important to discuss, is talking about chocolate consumption and how much chocolate to figure per guest. The best ‘guestimate’ of chocolate per person is about one pound of chocolate per 10 guests. It’s certainly not a hard and fast rule, but has worked out well over the years. If you have 10 guests, one pound of chocolate fondue should be about right and then multiply from there – 60 people, you should be good with 6 pounds of chocolate. However, we did run into a group, who holds the record, as far as I know, where 34 guests consumed 40 pounds of chocolate in an hour and a half… so you just never know. However, that has never happened to us before or since. That gives you some idea of what to figure when placing your Sephra chocolate order for each upcoming event. Now let’s talk about each of the unique and magnificent Sephra Chocolate Fountains and see if we can figure out which one is your best fit.

Commercial Chocolate Fountains

The Legend

Let’s start with our smallest 19” Legend Commercial Chocolate Fountain. It offers a six-month limited warranty. This fountain will hold up to 6 pounds of chocolate, which is enough to serve 40-60 guests. It will run flawlessly with as few as 4 pounds of chocolate in the basin. The basin is removable and you can melt the chocolate directly in the basin. The tier set is stainless steel, for easy cleaning. The auger is plastic. It does not come with a carrying case, but a trip to the ‘Container store’ or Walmart will take care of that. The Legend can serve as your own personal home fountain as well as using it for small gatherings at Church meetings, special office lunches or at a small school event that includes 40 or 50 people.

Ideal Chocolate Fountain Rental Package Deal

This is also a perfect fountain to rent out as a “Package Deal”. Gather everything your customer needs to run the fountain successfully. Put your fountain in an attractive container, along with 100-200 bamboo skewers . Include complete directions for setting up, taking down and cleaning the fountain. If they choose not to clean it, then you can determine a cleaning fee. Include a rubber spatula, (don’t want them using something metal to scratch the basin), one of those builder’s levels and 4 pounds of chocolate. This was all included in a “pick up and go” price, which you need to establish for your own region and location. Pricing varies throughout the country so much, only you can determine what is the fair ‘going rate’ for your city. Charge, per pound for any additional chocolate the customer wants to purchase over and above the 4 pounds included and of course, add a cleaning fee, if applicable. This ‘weekend rental’ Is easy and quick and gets that fountain working, even when you’re not! How simple is that? The Legend is a great little money-maker in so many ways.

The Cortez Chocolate Fountain

The next size fountain is our sweet little 23” Cortez. This commercial chocolate fountain is 23” tall and 13” wide. It only weighs 23 pounds, so easily set up, taken down and stow in your vehicle. It will hold 7 pounds of chocolate, but again, flows perfectly with only 5 pounds of chocolate. Good for groups of 50-75 guests. This fountain includes a travel case and is great as a companion fountain with one of our larger fountains if the customer would like both a milk chocolate and a dark chocolate fountain.


Perfect for smaller groups, maybe a teacher appreciation luncheon at school years’ end or a house party where you won’t have oodles of people. We love the Cortez because it’s a small but lovely addition to any buffet table or intimate evening party, where it adds just that extra touch of elegance.

The Aztec – 27” Commercial Chocolate Fountain

The next step up is our 27” Aztec chocolate fountain. Standing 27” tall, 14 3⁄4 “wide and weighs in at 27 pounds, this again is a very versatile and popular fountain. It’s absolutely gorgeous and stately, even though it’s small in stature. The Aztec will hold 11 pounds of chocolate and serve 75-100 guests. May I also remind you that because each of our Sephra fountains has a temperature control setting, you are not limited to just serving chocolate fondue. The Aztec is a perfect size and will hold one of those huge cans of Nacho cheese from Costco. Bingo! You’ve got yourself a wild, and wonderful Cinco de Mayo party underway. Quick, somebody grab a bag of chips!!! And, by the way, have you tried our decadent, delicious Salted Caramel Melts yet? Oh boy; smooth, delish and absolutely sensational when you dip marshmallows, apple slices and some butter cookies. Yep – the Aztec can wear many different “Fondue hats”, so to speak.

The Biggies Commercial Chocolate Fountains

The Montezuma 34” Chocolate Fountain

Climbing up the fountain ladder, we have our 34” Sephra chocolate fountain. Each fountain is 34” tall, 18.5 wide and weighs 51 pounds. The Montezuma will hold 20 pounds of chocolate and will easily serve 150+ guests. The great thing about each Sephra fountain is that if you see you’re running low on chocolate, you can easily add Sephra chocolate chips into the basin and they’ll melt into the fondue, increasing the number of guests you can serve. We have used the 34“ fountain at Bridal shows where literally 8,000 people came through over the weekend and we added chocolate, as needed, to keep up with the influx of guests. So versatile—what more could you ask? Well, you could ask for the 34” fountain to grow 10” inches and become a 44” fountain and voila` we could do that. With the purchase of the extension kit, which includes an auger and cylinder extension, it will add 10” to the height of the fountain, making a statement of pure elegance. The extension kit includes 3 adjustable foot extensions and 2 additional tiers, so you have an absolutely breathtaking chocolate fountain, stealing the show!

Cascading Chocolate Fountain

Next, in line is our “jaw-dropping” 44” Cascade Sephra Fountain. It’s an amazing sight to behold. Chocolate flows over and down 16 multi-tiered individual cups to create a real WOW! Factor. The Cascade tier set adds a totally new dimension to your existing 44” Fountain and is compatible with all removable bowl models of the 44” Sephra fountain bases. It is sold separately, so you can interchange tier sets to really give your customers some great and extraordinary choices. This is for the customer who “wants something different”.

Sephra Convertible – Breathtaking Chocolate Fondue Fountain

Which brings us to the 44” Sephra Convertible chocolate fountain. Obviously, it’s 44” tall, 18.5 wide and weighs 56 lbs. The tier set weighs 45 pounds, it is hefty. The 44” Convertible comes with double travel cases for ease of transportation. It has 5 tiers, so when in motion, it is totally an awesome sight to behold. Just Breathtaking! The other fabulous feature is that it is truly convertible. You can substitute the 34” tier set and auger and use it as a 34” fountain, so basically, you have two fountains in your ‘arsenal’. This fountain will accommodate 20 pounds of chocolate, either with the 5 tier set or the 34” tier set and of course, as is always the option with our Sephra Fountains, you can add chocolate as you go, increasing the number of guests you serve into the hundreds… and we have!

So now that you know a little about each fountain, which is the right choice for you and your business?

The Legend, 19” is a handy little fondue fountain to have ‘at the ready’ for that last minute call you get at 4pm on a Friday night…”HELP! I’m having guests over and I need a chocolate fountain”, or as a do-it-yourself rental, bringing in $$$ for you when it’s out working and you’re home eating pizza with the family.

The 23’ Cortez and 27” Aztec chocolate fountains fit the group, right in the middle – they serve anywhere from 50-125 guests and it’s important to have one or the other to cover that base. It’s a fairly common sized party and a great addition to any work-based activity from Employee Appreciation Day to a retirement party for a loyal staffer who’s been with the company for years and years. What a nice way to say thank you to either person. Also, switching up Fondue choices makes these 23’ and 27’ fountains popular choices; they’ll flow cheese fondue, caramel fondue, chocolate, salted caramel fondue, bar-b-q sauce or even syrup for a breakfast meeting and a stack of waffles! What versatility!

The 34” fountain tends to become your business ‘’workhorse”! You’ll find it going to weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Quinceaneras, anniversaries, birthdays and all events where there will be 150 or more guests. It will fill the needs of all your familiar family events with a flair.

The 44” Sephra Fountain, the stunning Cascade Fountain, and the convertible 44’ Sephra Fountain are all unique in themselves. Each has a WOW factor and each will draw raves from the guests and will set you and your company apart from the “average joe”. Each fountain is spectacular in its’ own right and you can’t make a wrong decision, if you choose one or all the various fountains and tier set combinations offered. It will make you unique with the options you offer.

A Sephra Fountain is the epitome of chocolate fountains. Each one will offer you years of dependable service. You’ll take pride in your ability to offer the finest chocolate fountain money can buy to your customers, who after all, are the most important element of your business. We spoke about “word of mouth” advertising. I’m sure you’ll agree that having your customers telling others that your company offers the finest service and the most beautiful equipment in town is highly important to you. Get a Sephra Fountain; put a big smile on your face and just wait! Soon, YOU’LL be the “talk of the town”!