In malls all across India and even the UK, chocolate fountain kiosks are delighting customers with a delicious and fun shopping experience. Could this trend soon start here?

The Benefits of Renting a Mall Kiosk Many entrepreneurs in India have discovered that the relatively low cost of setting up and renting a mall kiosk has helped their business. Since kiosks are often rented monthly or short-term, it is less risky for these small business owners to set up shop and sell their wares. If the business is not successful, they aren’t left with a long-term lease. In addition, consumers are notorious for impulse-buying, which makes operating a kiosk perfect. If your display is eye-catching or an enticing aroma is emitted, you’re likely to attract more customers than if you were inside a store.

Why Consider a Mall Kiosk for Promoting Your Chocolate Fountain Rental Business Dhiraj Kumar Singh realized his dream of selling chocolate treats by renting a mall kiosk that features a chocolate fountain. The same happened to Nidhi Raswant who operates Chocotreat at a mall kiosk selling homemade chocolate goodies to hungry shoppers in India. What could this mean for your chocolate fountain rental business? Even if you don’t want to set up a chocolate fountain kiosk full-time, consider renting one for certain seasons where you want to create maximum exposure. A mall kiosk is perfect because it’s temporary and gives you the high visibility you need to attract stressed shoppers with the promise of delicious, warm chocolate. If you want to promote your chocolate fountain rental business, consider offering a complimentary sample, like a chocolate-dipped strawberry, as well as a discount for booking your chocolate fountain that day for an event. Since kiosks typically take up space in the center of the mall, and combined with the incredible smell of chocolate, you’ll likely attract a crowd. You could sell small bundles of dipping treats, like a trio of decadent cake bites or a small plate of fresh fruit. Then, ladle the hot chocolate over the dipping treats and the shoppers will be hooked. Of course, letting everyone know that your delicious chocolate fountains can be rented for events and sending satisfied chocolate-lovers away with your information could really help increase your catering business. Check first with your local mall regarding the rules of selling food.  Perhaps you may give the endeavor a jumpstart in November to enjoy a slice of the lucrative Christmas and New Year pie. It could be the beginning of a delicious trend that brings shoppers back to your chocolate fountain kiosk.