Looking for new wedding reception ideas and ways to increase your chocolate fountain rental business? How about a Belgian Waffle Bar? With the addition of our Sephra Belgian Waffle Mix and the introduction of our new Sephra Commerical Belgian Waffle Maker you can easily serve a crowd delicious Belgian Waffles. This is such an easy Belgian waffle recipe – just add water to our Belgian Waffle Batter Mix! The waffles are so delicious – some of the best I have ever tasted. Serve your choice of toppings and maybe even add a chocolate fountain for a memorable event of any type. Perfect for wedding receptions, corporate breakfast meetings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthday celebrations. Any type of catered event is the perfect opportunity to offer this affordable option to your customers.

Belgain Waffle Bar Wedding Reception

We recently experienced a waffle bar ourselves at a wedding in the San Diego. Here are the details. The waffle bar was served for dinner at an outdoor wedding reception last summer. The food was provided by a local caterer. Servers were armed with pitchers of waffle batter and were cooking waffles in regular round Belgian waffle makers (they had 3 or 4). Waffles were being cooked ahead of time so there was no waiting. The guests enjoyed watching the waffles being made.

We received a waffle on a plate and proceeded to a station of toppings. Fresh strawberries, bananas, a berry mixture with raspberries, strawberries and blueberries, Nutella, maple and berry syrup, butter and powdered sugar were served. There was a fresh home-made whipped cream and a lemon-flavored fresh whipped cream which was exceptional! A server applied the toppings as you requested them – this helps with portion and cost control and alleviates mess, especially when children are among the guests.

The bride and groom had a “Wedding Cake” made of Rice Krispy Treats, and other various chocolate-dipped and layered rice krispy treat bars. There was water and lemonade to drink. No other food was served. We were impressed by how easy and economical it was to serve a meal at a wedding in this manner. This is perfect for a more casual wedding reception or even a breakfast event. There were 100-150 guests.

New Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix and Waffle Maker

Sephra Waffle Batter Mix is available now and comes in 5 and 10 lb ‘home size’ packaging to make Belgian waffles for your family, as well as a more economical 30 lb cases for Belgian waffle events. Our Sephra Belgian Waffle Maker is now available! So ramp up your chocolate fountain rental business by offering the option of Belgian waffles! Serve just waffles or add a chocolate fountain. Nothing is more delicious that warm Belgian waffles drizzled with chocolate! Serve strawberries and bananas which can be dipped in the chocolate fondue, as well as used to top waffles. A home fountain flowing with syrup offers a great presentaion. The aromas are astounding! The options are endless!