Sephra recently introduced a line of candy making items that will not only enhance your next event, but will impress everyone attending with your candy making skills. Sephra makes it easy with our various molds, meaning you will have candy options for any type of themed event, from weddings to baby showers.

Start Making Candy With Sephra’s Special Chocolate

Sephra offers candy-makers three chocolate varieties to satisfy any candy-making craving. You can choose from Sephra Melano dark, milk or white chocolate for fondue or candy making. This chocolate coating was specially created for confectioners who need a chocolate that will harden quickly, whether it’s for dipping or pouring in a mold to make candy. Sephra’s Melano chocolate is perfect for both chocolate fountains and making candy, and you can trust it will harden properly in the molds and keep its shape until devoured.

Hosting a Chocolate Candy Baby Shower<

A chocolate candy-themed baby shower is a delightful choice because everyone loves delicious Sephra chocolate. You can make your home chocolate fountain the centerpiece and tie a large pink, blue or yellow ribbon at the front to customize it to the gender theme. Making your own pretzel lollipops using Sephra’s chocolate and molds will make a great gift for each guest, and they will taste delicious during the baby shower.

Sephra has racing cars molds perfect for a little boy, as well as a string of butterflies perfect for a little girl. Top these on pretzel sticks, and you have unique dipping treats that work double-duty as favors.

In addition, Sephra offers a primary candy color set that allows you to dye the white chocolate any color you wish to enhance your candy molds. You can also use Sephra’s lollipop molds in various shapes with strong paper lollipop sticks.

As a final touch, arrange the homemade lollipops in floral foam, creating a beautiful bouquet of chocolate goodness on the chocolate fountain display table. Everyone will definitely leave this baby shower satisfied!

Enhancing a Wedding Chocolate Fountain

To add a little romance to the dessert table at a wedding, consider making a sweet bouquet of double heart chocolate lollipops. These can be dyed and decorated so one is pink and the other is white to complement a pastel-hued celebration. Sephra’s candy molds also give you the ability to make chocolate truffles in the shape of wedding bells, wedding cakes and roses – which are more lovely accents for a wedding chocolate fountain display.

Sephra has a mold for every occasion. Take advantage of the tools you need to jumpstart your imagination and taste buds, making your next event even more delicious!