St. Patrick’s Day is quickly approaching, and if you want to celebrate in true St. Paddy style with a dash of green, then Sephra’s archive of creative recipes has three delicious desserts that combine delicious Belgian chocolate for chocolate fountains with the luck of the Irish.

Bits O’ Gold Brownies With Mint Frosting are Fun and Delicious

These brownies are not only full of Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountains, but feature mint green icing to tie them in with St. Patrick’s Day festivities. These crowd pleasers combine delicious Belgian chocolate brownies baked in muffin tins so they are already separated for easy icing and easy serving. The mint frosting is tinted green with food dye and the taste is added with Sephra’s peppermint flavoring. Once the brownies have cooled, they are ready for the icing – and don’t be shy!

If you plan to serve them at a St. Patrick’s Day party, place a chocolate gold coin on one of the brownies before frosting it. Whoever gets that brownie has good luck the rest of the day.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Chocolate Peppermint Triffle

Sephra’s chocolate peppermint triffles are gorgeous desserts that taste as good as they look, and they are perfect for St. Patrick’s Day party. This layered dessert begins with rich chocolate brownies or cake that you cut into half-inch cubes. If you add Sephra’s dark chocolate for chocolate fountains to the mix, you’ll have a richer and more delicious base for your triffles.

Next you whip up a batch of Sephra’s hot fudge sauce by melting dark Belgian chocolate and butter together, and then add powdered sugar and evaporated milk and bring to a boil. Stir constantly for four minutes and then remove and let cool.

The final layer is peppermint whipped cream. All you need is Sephra’s peppermint flavoring that you add to the whipped cream to taste. Stir in green food dye to make these Irish triffles and mix in some crushed candy canes, and you’re ready to assemble.

Get Your Kids to Help Make Delicious Lucky Charms Shamrocks

Sephra’s Belgian milk chocolate for commercial chocolate fountains is the perfect addition, along with Lucky Charms cereal, to these marshmallow treats. Simply combine marshmallows and butter in a pan until melted and then stir in the lucky green food dye.

The final step is to stir in the Lucky Charms and Belgian chocolate for commercial chocolate fountains until combined. Then, let the kids pe in and push the marshmallow mixture into 4-leaf clover molds.

Once they cool down enough to hold the shape, pe in!