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Creating perfect chocolate covered strawberries

Wayne State University recently released the findings of a study that will surely please many dark chocolate lovers.

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May 25, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDT May 25, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDTth, May 25, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDT

Chocolate covered strawberries are elegant, romantic and delicious treats for two!

You can enjoy them quickly and easily with Sephra Chocolate Melts, which come in Milk, White and Dark flavors.

These compound coatings are perfect for dipping strawberries and confectionery as they harden quickly – guaranteeing a flawless presentation every time.

Why use Sephra Melts for chocolate covered strawberries?

Dipping strawberries in regular melted chocolate might yield chocolate covered strawberries, but the chocolate will need to set in the refrigerator.

It won’t set smoothly or with a shiny, professional-looking finish – in complete contrast to our Sephra Melts.

Sephra Chocolate Melts are perfect for making candy and chocolate covered strawberries because they are formulated with vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter.

They harden quickly, enveloping strawberries with a shiny, beautiful chocolate-flavored coating.

Our Melts are also free of trans fat – making them a relatively healthy treat when eaten in moderation.

It’s not even necessary to temper Sephra Melts which can also be used easily in our chocolate fountains.

Perfect chocolate coated strawberries – guaranteed!

Whether you're catering for guests or it really is fondue for two, enjoy strawberries dipped in decadent dark chocolate, buttery white chocolate, or sweet milk chocolate.

Indeed, there's a flavor for everyone.

By setting up multiple, smaller Sephra chocolate fountains, guests can experience each flavor or even a sumptuous combination.

Guests can dip their strawberries in dark chocolate, for example, and then drizzle with white chocolate – or vice versa!

Or, of course, you can pre-make your strawberries in pretty pastel colors just like the picture shown above.

All you need are Sephra White Melts and some of our oil-based coloring.

Here's our handy guide to coloring chocolate. Although it covers red, the same principles apply!