Red Food Coloring

Throwing an event? Color your fountain red!

There are so many excuses to add a splash of rich red color to your home or commercial chocolate fountain.

Of course, the event that automatically springs to mind is Valentine’s Day. But there are lots of other calendar dates too!

There are weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, divorce parties, burlesque nights, and even Halloween and Christmas.

Not forgetting graduations, Mother’s Day, and New Year’s Eve.

The key is you need a good oil-based coloring to transform your white chocolate into a cascading tower of fun or romance.

Take our Red Oil-Based Food Coloring and our Belgian White Chocolate – and voila! That’s all you need!

Just melt the white chocolate and slowly dribble the color over the fountain till you reach the desired shade.

Here are a few handy hints to getting the effect just right… things aren’t always brown and white!

Color is great for business too!

Colored fondue will not only be a hit in the home for all your family celebrations, it can be a real boost for business.

All you need to do is get the word out that you can dye white chocolate to match any bridal decor.

And most businesses would love to celebrate a grand opening or customer appreciation event with their company colors.

Nothing says you can only set up one fountain either. If there are two colors in their logo, go for it!

Graduation parties can be personalized with the school colors of the graduate. How cool is that?

Coloring your chocolate opens the door to tons of fun and ideas. Trust us, you’re never too old to color!

And red is never boring. They don’t call it the color of love for nothing.

Just don’t forget the matching decor.

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