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Grow an (Edible) Mud Pie Chocolate Fountain Station

The 4th of July usually comes with fireworks, warm weather and a fun day to relax and celebrate the nation’s independence with family and friends. If you’re planning a 4th of July party.

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June 29, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDT June 29, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDTth, June 29, 2014 at 4:25:26 PM PDT

If your next chocolate fountain rental is for an event centered around kids, such as a birthday party or a family reunion, consider showing kids how to grow a mud pie from your chocolate fountain display. Any adults present will likely have no qualms about joining in with this fun and delicious take on chocolate fountains!

Planning the Chocolate Fountain Mud Pie Extravaganza

When planning a chocolate fountain party for kids, it’s important to remember three facts: kids have shorter attention spans, they don’t mind getting messy (many actually prefer to!), and they love to participate in activities rather than watch them unfold.

Although chocolate fountains are an interactive dessert to begin with, stepping it up for that younger audience is the perfect way to customize chocolate fountain rentals for kids – and spread the word on how fun and tasty it was to build a chocolate fountain mud pie.

Knowing what the final product will look like is helpful in planning this type of chocolate fountain event. Gathering enough small cups that resemble flower pots is important, as well as organizing the toppings. Oreo cookie crumbles, gummy worms, toffee bits and fondant shapes are all you need to create delicious chocolate mud pies.

Creating a Delicious Chocolate Fountain Mud Pie

Each child will be given a “pot” to begin the growing process. Next, use a small shovel-like scoop to put the chocolate for chocolate fountains into each pot. Then, the kids can fertilize the chocolate with yummy toppings. Depending on whether the group is all boys or girls, or is mixed gender, might influence the topping choice a bit. For example, an all boy group would enjoy choosing to “fertilize” with Oreo cookie crumbles or toffee bits, but would probably like adding gummy worms to the “dirt” and finishing off with fondant grasshoppers and leaves.

An all girl group might not want to put worms in their mud pies and would likely appreciate choosing from several types of fondant flowers to top their mud pie creations with. Of course, if the group is mixed, offering a combination of these toppings will ensure that everyone gets to create a unique chocolate fountain mud pie that tastes delicious, whether it is sprouting insects or flowers.

Of course, these edible chocolate fountain mud pies won’t last too long in front of their creators before being devoured with zeal by hungry children who will likely beg to make another before the afternoon is through!