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Chocolate Fondue Recipes - Chocolate Dipped…Vegetables?

When the warm sun of summer arrives, most people want to cool down and eat lighter meals, saving comfort food for the colder months. However, chocolate fountains are enjoyed year round, regardless of the season.

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March 2, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PST March 2, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PSTnd, March 2, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PST

Perhaps parents will find a new way to get their kids to eat their veggies…by dipping them in chocolate! Chocolate chefs continue to push boundaries and create new chocolate delights using food most people would never associate with chocolate. Read on to see if you’re willing to try chocolate dipped vegetables.

“Shock-o-latier” Dominique Persoone

Dominique Persoone is Belgian and loves chocolate! He was educated as a chef at Ter Groene Poorte and began The Chocolate Line in 1992 in Bruges. The Chocolate Line is one of the only three chocolate shops lucky and delicious enough to gain recognition by the Michelin Guide, and he caters to professional customers Hof van Cleve and Oud Sluis in addition to his many other customers.

Persoone’s personal philosophy for chocolate includes having an open mind when it comes to pairing chocolate, as is clear when he presents chocolate covered cauliflower. He also claims that taste and aromas of the ingredients are central to his creations, but must have the right balance. He insists on using only the highest quality ingredients, and all of his creations begin and end with the chocolate.

In July 2009, Persoone’s book Cacao was awarded the “Best Chocolate Book of the World” in Paris. The Michelin starred restaurant Commes Chez Soi in Brussels serves Persoone’s unique chocolate creations, although experiencing the rock star magnetism that has helped shoot Persoone to into the chocolate spotlight is best done at his chocolate shop in Bruges.

Chocolate Dipped Vegetables: Here to Stay?

Dominique Persoone, as described above, has certainly stretched the taste buds to the limit with his latest creations. He pulled out interesting combinations for the Paris Chocolate Show, including cheese flavored chocolate that scored high on the chocolate trend list for the show and was paired with red wine.

Persoone, however, lived up to his shocking nickname by introducing chocolate dipped cauliflower. Persoone is also responsible for creating chocolate treats that feature a white chocolate ganache with fresh green peas dipped in dark chocolate, along with almond praline with dried Japanese peas dipped in wasabi.

Persoone also regularly includes a puree of black olives dipped in chocolate along with sun-dried tomatoes and white chocolate ganache. He also blends olive powder with two types of olive oil and a bitter Peruvian chocolate.

Next time you’re in Belgium, it will be worth it to detour to Bruges and experience firsthand what all the fuss is about concerning chocolate dipped vegetables. Who knows? Your kids may just have a newfound appreciation for veggies!