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Catering Business Ideas - Waffles Are Trending

The New Sephra Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker is here! Not to mention one of the most outstanding waffle batter recipes I have ever tasted! The Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix comes in 5, 10 and 30 lb bags. So easy to make - just add water!

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February 25, 2017 at 4:25:26 PM PST February 25, 2017 at 4:25:26 PM PSTth, February 25, 2017 at 4:25:26 PM PST
Waffles are an anytime food. We’ve enjoyed waffles for dinner; waffles for breakfast and of course, waffles for brunch is a ‘natural’. We’ve also had over-baked waffles, under-baked waffles and varying colors of the finished product…light, blond & gooey to dark, burned manhole covers. My husband’s first girl-friend made him waffles and his assessment was; “burned manhole covers”, very descriptive, right?

Making Waffles the Easy Way

Waffles are a very simple food and if made correctly, on a professional Belgian Waffle Maker, can be just sublime. Sephra is proud to introduce our newest products; the Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker and Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter. This Waffle Maker takes the guess work out of “when the steaming stops” or, “when the light goes off”. The Sephra Belgian Waffle Maker has an Automatic Timer and Thermostat with an Audible Alarm, which tells you when your waffle is baked to golden brown perfection. Two minutes, to be exact. So, it quick, easy and precise. No guess work here. Because it rotates, it spreads the batter evenly and bakes the waffle batter completely on both sides to create a crispy, delicate yet tender waffle. The treated Waffle Maker plates are non-stick, so the perfectly cooked waffle releases from the plates easily.

Serve Waffles at Any Catering Event

The Sephra Waffle Maker is super simple to use. No training is needed, so you can introduce your Sephra Belgian Waffle Maker to any element of your existing business. Or, why not start a NEW business? Picture a cozy, little waffle shop that might be just the innovative boost your neighborhood needs to become the next “Cheers”…without the alcohol. “Everybody knows your name” and it becomes the place to “hang out”.

Waffle Menu for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Serve Sephra Belgian Waffles with eggs, sausages and bacon for your breakfast menu. How about fruit toppings for lunch? I’ve never met a strawberry waffle I didn’t love! Chicken and waffles are becoming BIG business these day, so you’ve got dinner covered. Fun ideas to dream about. Be your own boss; wouldn’t that be heaven? There are many avenues to take with the Sephra Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker. If you already own a café or restaurant, the addition of a Waffle Maker will increase your profits by leaps and bounds. The turn-around time in producing a crispy golden waffle is only 2 minutes, so you won’t have customers twiddling their thumbs while waiting for their meal. As we mentioned above, there are so many options available you won’t have trouble creating a variety of favorites for your customers, either.

Waffle Fridays for Your Business Staff

Hey bosses and managers… at Sephra we have “Waffle Friday”. The employees really look forward to each Friday (not just because it’s “the weekend”,) but they really do love the Waffle experience. We whip up a batch of Waffle Batter, turn on the Belgian Waffle Maker and let them do their own thing. Nothing to worry about… no time wasted and when it’s their lunch or break time, everyone can make their own creation. A bottle of syrup and a tub of butter or margarine and you’re set! It’s things like this that create a cohesive group of employees. Go the extra mile to show your appreciation for their hard work.

Waffle Carts are Money Makers on Wheels

Grab a booth at your local Farmer’s Market or Swap Meet. Your speedy Sephra Belgian Waffle Maker will impress with perfect results every time. Our Waffle Batter is so easy to make, you can whip up a batch in a hurry and turn out crispy waffles for people to munch as they browse the aisles shopping for bargains or have a can of Redi-whip and some fruit in season available and you’ve got a lovely brunch treat. Probably can sell the Waffles for $3 or $4 and they’ll cost you pennies to make.

Fast, Easy and Delicious Waffle Batter in Seconds

Let’s talk about the Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter. This Waffle Batter is flat out delicious! It’s not cloying, as so many batter mixes are, but has a crisp, yet tender, texture and flavor that’ll make you think you’re walking the streets of Brussels, Belgium. The wonderful part of our Waffle Batter is the ease of mixing. Measure the desired amount of Waffle Batter into a mixing bowl, add water (yes…that’s all, just water) and mix with a whisk until smooth. You don’t even need an electric mixer. Ladle the proper amount of Waffle Batter (if it’s a self-serve buffet, furnish a measure so the guests won’t over fill) onto the Waffle Maker and rotate…2 minutes later they will have a gorgeous, golden, tender & luscious waffle. Meanwhile…the aroma of cooking the Belgian Waffles will fill the room and everyone will want to get in on the act! Hurry! Don’t delay. The Sephra Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker and the Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix is in stock and ready to help you increase your profits for 2017! Make a small investment in a BIG future for your business today. Remember, what you purchase this year is deductible…right? Talk to you soon, Shirl