Chocolate Fountain Viscosity Funnel

Chocolate Fountain Viscosity Funnel

The Sephra Viscosity Funnel is perfect for checking you have achieved the best consistency possible for flawless curtains of chocolate, cheese, sauces or any of your other favorite liquids to fountain.

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The Sephra Chocolate Fountain Viscosity Funnel is great to have on hand when using your fountain for products other than Sephra Chocolate; Sephra Chocolate, when melted, will not need to be tested with the viscosity funnel.

Prior to starting the fountain, check to see that the fondue you are using (cheese or ranch dressing for example), is the right viscosity/consistency to flow through the fountain.

Simply fill the Viscosity Funnel with the fondue and time how quickly it drains out.

The fondue should drain completely in 8-10 seconds.

If the fondue drains in less than 8 seconds, it may need to be thickened.

If the fondue takes longer than 10 seconds to drain, it needs to be thinned.

For other fondue recipes, thin with any liquid consistent with the fondue's flavour ie. milk, juice, cream, water. But don't forget, water and chocolate don't mix when it comes to fountaining.

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