What to Dip in a Chocolate Fountain

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If there's one thing that can make any gathering, party, or event more memorable, it's a chocolate fountain. They're great fun for entertaining your guests and getting everyone together—guaranteed to leave everyone grinning from ear to ear! The rich, velvety cascade of chocolate is not only visually appealing but also incredibly tempting. Whether you're planning a wedding reception, a birthday party, a baby shower, or just a casual get-together, a chocolate fountain can be the perfect centerpiece for your dessert table. But what to dip in a chocolate fountain? Don't worry; I've got you covered with an expert's guide to chocolate fountain dipping options. The Basics of a Chocolate Fountain Before I dive into the delightful world of dippable treats, let's briefly go over the basics of a chocolate fountain. A chocolate fountain consists of a heated basin where the chocolate is melted to a liquid state (or microwaved right in the bag if you're using Sephra Chocolate!). A motorized spiral or tower then lifts the liquid chocolate to the top, where it cascades down in a mesmerizing curtain of sweetness. Guests often use skewers to dip their chosen items into the flowing chocolate, creating a delightful fusion of flavors. The key to a successful chocolate fountain experience is choosing the right type of chocolate and maintaining the correct consistency. Most chocolate fountains use dark, milk, or white chocolate. Dark chocolate is the most popular choice due to its intense flavor and smooth texture. I recommend our Sephra Belgian or Premium Chocolate. to maintain the right consistency, it's crucial to periodically check and adjust the heat settings to prevent the chocolate from becoming too thick or too thin. Now, let's explore the exciting world of dipping options for your chocolate fountain.

Classic Dipping Choices

1. Strawberries

Strawberries and chocolate are a classic combination that never goes out of style. The crunch of ripe strawberries pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate. Be sure to wash and thoroughly dry the strawberries before dipping them to ensure the chocolate adheres properly. You can leave the green stems on for a visually appealing presentation.

2. Marshmallows

Soft, fluffy marshmallows are a fantastic choice for dipping. The contrast of the gooey marshmallow and the crisp chocolate shell is simply heavenly. Consider using different types of marshmallows, like mini marshmallows or flavored ones, to add variety to your chocolate fountain.

3. Pretzels

Salty pretzels and sweet chocolate create an irresistible sweet and salty combination. Choose pretzel sticks or twists for easy dipping, and let your guests enjoy the delightful contrast of flavors.

4. Bananas

Sliced bananas are a great option for those who want a creamy, tropical twist to their chocolate fountain experience. The smooth texture of bananas complements the rich chocolate perfectly.

5. Fudge

Creamy chunks of fudge offer an irresistible addition to your dessert spread. They provide a rich, melt-in-your-mouth contrast to the other sweet treats on the table.

6. Rice Krispies Treats

Homemade or store-bought Rice Krispies Treats cut into bite-sized pieces are a nostalgic and crowd-pleasing option. They add a delightful crunch to the chocolatey mix.

Elevating Your Chocolate Fountain Experience

If you're looking for something different that makes your chocolate fountain stand out from others, when not opt for some unique dipping choices? 

7. Bacon

Yes, you read that right – bacon and chocolate! The salty, smoky flavor of bacon combined with the sweetness of chocolate is an unexpected but incredibly delicious pairing. Make sure the bacon is crispy before dipping.

8. Mini Donuts

Miniature donuts or doughnut holes are a fun and whimsical choice. Their airy texture absorbs the chocolate beautifully, creating a delightful contrast between the crispy exterior and the soft, chocolate-covered interior. You could even make mini donut waffles using our Sephra Commercial Donut Waffle Maker.

9. Cookie Pieces

Break your favorite cookies into bite-sized pieces and offer them as dipping options. Chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and shortbread cookies all work wonderfully with a chocolate fountain.

10. Potato Chips

Satisfy your sweet and salty cravings with potato chips. The salty, crispy chips coated in smooth chocolate make for an unexpected and delightful treat.

11. Churros

Churros, the classic Spanish fried dough pastries, are a fantastic choice for dipping. Their ridged texture holds onto the chocolate beautifully, and the combination is simply divine.

12. Dried Fruits

For a healthier twist, consider offering dried fruits like apricots, figs, or raisins. The concentrated natural sweetness of dried fruits pairs wonderfully with the chocolate's richness.

Tips for a Successful Chocolate Fountain Experience

To ensure your chocolate fountain experience is a resounding success, here are some essential tips: 

1. Keep it Clean

Maintain a clean dipping area. Provide napkins or small plates for guests to catch any drips or excess chocolate.

2. Skewers and Utensils

Provide skewers, forks, or other utensils for guests to use when dipping to avoid double-dipping and maintain hygiene.

3. Display and Presentation

Arrange your dipping items in an attractive and organized manner. Consider adding labels or signs to help guests identify their choices.

4. Chocolate Quality

Invest in high-quality chocolate for your fountain. Quality chocolate not only tastes better but also flows more smoothly and consistently. Our Sephra Belgian or Premium Chocolate are both designed with Chocolate Fountains in mind, and promise a smooth fountain experience.

5. Monitor the Temperature

Keep an eye on the chocolate fountain's temperature settings to prevent it from overheating or becoming too thick.

6. Offer Variety

Don't limit your guests to just one type of chocolate. Consider having multiple fountains with different chocolate flavors to cater to diverse tastes.

7. Allergen Information

If you have guests with allergies, clearly label each dipping item with allergen information to ensure everyone's safety.

A chocolate fountain is a delightful addition to any event, and choosing the right dipping items can take your chocolate fountain experience to new heights. Whether you opt for classic choices like strawberries and marshmallows or get creative with bacon and churros, the key is to offer a variety of options to satisfy every palate. Remember to accommodate dietary preferences and provide a well-maintained setup for a memorable and delicious chocolate fountain extravaganza that your guests will cherish for years to come. So, go ahead, dip, and indulge in the sweet pleasure of a chocolate fountain!