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Chocolate candy recipes using Sephra Chocolate Melts

An apple a day used to keep the doctor away, but now the apple could be usurped by chocolate. Yes, you read that correctly! Probiotic chocolates, not only taste delicious, but will help your body retain more of the probiotic bacteria that your digestive system uses to stay balanced and healthy.

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October 8, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PDT October 8, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PDTth, October 8, 2015 at 4:25:26 PM PDT
Sephra chocolate melts are not only perfect for making delicious treats like chocolate covered strawberries, but are also ideal for making fun chocolate candy delights in a variety of kid-friendly shapes. That's why Sephra suggests Wilton candy molds that make it easy to turn Sephra chocolate melts into race cars or heart lollipops whenever the mood strikes! Why Choose Sephra Chocolate Melts for Candy-Making
Sephra chocolate melts are available in dark, milk or white chocolate so that everyone’s cravings can be satisfied. Sephra chocolate melts are made using vegetable oil instead of cocoa butter and cocoa powder in lieu of chocolate liquor. This special combination enables them to harden quickly, ensuring your chocolate candy looks professional and tastes delectable!
Sephra chocolate melts are cost-efficient, meaning you no longer need to pay a fortune to produce professional-looking chocolate candy at home. Your guests might have difficulty believing that you didn’t purchase the chocolate candy from a high-end chocolate shop, and they will definitely be surprised to learn how economical Sephra chocolate melts really are.
Better yet, Sephra chocolate melts are microwave-safe, or they can be melted over the stove.
Of course, they can also be placed into a Sephra chocolate fountain for everyone to enjoy making chocolate candy using dipping treats. Sephra chocolate melts harden quickly around dipping treats, including fruit like fresh strawberries or orange slices, baked goods like blondie bites, and confections like marshmallows or meringues.
Sephra Chocolate Melts: Making Kid-Approved Candy
If you want to give a child the best birthday party around, then add Sephra chocolate melts to your birthday supply list. You can then create a variety of fun chocolate candy that not only looks great, but tastes delicious too!
Lots of candy molds avaliable which include race cars, smiley faces, butterflies, flowers, hearts and also letters and numbers so you can spell out the name of the birthday boy or girl in delicious Sephra chocolate. You can transform any of the candy molds into lollipops, or you can simply arrange the chocolate candy on serving dishes and watch them disappear into the mouths of happy children.
Sephra chocolate melts were also designed to use in Sephra chocolate fountains. You can let kids have fun dipping treats during the party and watching the chocolate harden to a shiny finish.
Sephra chocolate melts means endless fun for kids and adults alike. Sephra chocolate melts make dipping treats extra fun and ensures that anyone can make chocolate candy which rivals store-bought specialty candy. Sephra chocolate melts not only yield perfectly hardened chocolate coating, but taste as delicious as it looks!