FIFO™ Bottle 32oz

FIFO™ Bottle 32oz

Not all squeeze bottles are created equal. FIFO™ BOTTLE is the bottom dispensing, industry gold standard, widely regarded as the best squeeze bottle for busy restaurants.

The FIFO™ 32oz dispensing bottle can be used for our waffle and crepe 'add water only' mixes, or with an array of melted chocolate and sauces when used with the Sephra Bottle Sauce Warmers.

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Easy to fill and allowing for proper food rotation, the 32oz FIFO™ Bottle is a dispensing container suitable for our waffle and crepe 'add water only' mixes, or an array of melted chocolates and sauces.

The FIFO™ (First In First Out) Bottle allows servers to quickly distribute toppings, sauces and dressings and is quick and easy to clean.

First in, first out – Ensure correct food rotation with FIFO™ BOTTLE’s bottom dispensing design.

Fast Dispensing – Gravity pulls sauce down towards the valve, eliminating the need to bang bottles on the counter and ensuring the sauce is always ready to dispense.

Reduce waste – Bottom dispensing greatly reduces the amount of wasted sauce left behind.

Easy to clean – Dual openings make for easy cleaning.


Contains one (1) FIFO™ Bottle, one (1) dispensing cap, one (1) yellow medium dispensing valve and one (1) label cap.

NSF Certified; FIFO CB32-220-6

Capacity: 32oz

Diameter: 3.42”(87mm)

Height: 8.03”(204mm)


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