How to List

List your business on the Sephra Rental Directory

Being listed on the Sephra Chocolate Fountain Rental Directory can help your business by getting the referrals of potential customers who come to our site looking to find a Sephra chocolate fountain to rent for their special event. This directory sends them to you.

Sephra Chocolate Fountain Rental Directory details

1 – The Sephra Chocolate Fountain Rental Directory is only for businesses renting out commercial chocolate and fondue fountains.

2 – All listing submissions to the Sephra Rental Directory need to be approved by the Sephra Rental Directory Team before actually being published for viewing. The Sephra Rental Directory Team reserves the right to list, approve, not approve and remove any listing for any reason without notice.

3 – FREE LISTING: In order to be listed and receive a FREE listing on the Sephra Rental Directory, you MUST have purchased your Sephra Commercial Chocolate Fountain from Sephra directly or through one of our Authorized Distributors. A Free listing is a listing for lifetime or as long as you run and operate your fountain business. If your business is sold, the free listing does not carry forward to the new owner. There is only one free listing per customer. Any additional listings for different states can be purchased.


To submit your company to be listed on the Sephra Rental Directory, please email