NSF Square Shaft Replacement Kit (CF23/27")

NSF Square Shaft Replacement Kit (CF23/27")

Basic maintenance kit for the 23" and 27" Commercial Chocolate Fountain.

Only for models that have the removable basin bowl and SQUAREcenter spindle. Rated for 1500 hours of use.

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This kit is to maintain the 23" Cortez and 27" Aztec Commercial Chocolate Fountain models which have the removable basin and the SQUARE shaft spindle.

The parts in this kit are the normal wear and tear parts that should be replaced every 1500 hours of fountain use.

If the fountain is not maintained by changing these parts, chocolate can pass through the seals and damage the motor.

This kit is fairly easy to replace yourself or you may send your fountain to us to replace it for you as part of our service plan.


This kit includes the following parts: 2x Bearings, 2x Seals, 1x SQUARE driver shaft, 1x Bottom Seal
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