Home Chocolate Fountain Photo Gallery

Sephra Home Fondue Fountains bring delight and joy into your homes all year round. We hope you will be able to share your chocolate fountain ideas as well as get new  ideas from the photos in this gallery. See photos of everything from decadant chocolate dipped strawberries, to cheese fondue fountains and bar-b-que sauce fountains!

To share your chocolate fountain photos, please email them to info@sephrausa.com.

Guatemala Cheese Founbtain
Lisa Wesell
Lisa Wedell
Elite Dolce indulgence
Barbecue Sauce
Cinnamon Fondue
Cream Cheese Fondue
Lemon Garlic Sauce
Guatemala Fountain Presentation
Marshmallow Cream Fondue
Strawberries and Cream Fondue
Sweet and Sour Fondue