Chocolate for Chocolate Fountains and Fondue Fountains

Sephra chocolate fountain chocolate and fondue chocolates are made just for us by the world's finest chocolate manufacturers using our own exclusive recipes. Our products are unsurpassed in quality, taste, and ease of use.

Sephra chocolate fountain chocolate and fondue chocolate flow effortlessly in Sephra chocolate fountains and never require the addition of messy oils that dilute the pure chocolate flavor. Our chocolate for chocolate fountains is ready-to-use in quick-melting chip form and all of our chocolate fountain chocolate is packaged in microwaveable two pound bags for convenience and reduction of chocolate waste.


Which Sephra chocolate fountain chocolate is best for you?

All of our chocolate for chocolate fountains tastes and works great, but there is a difference between each type. Here is a brief explanation:

Sephra Belgian Chocolate: This is our finest most delicious chocolate for chocolate fountains. It glistens as it flows through the chocolate fountain and its’ taste is deliciously smooth, creamy and rich. You will be lucky if you get the chocolate into the chocolate fountain before you eat it all from the package! We have this chocolate fountain chocolate made specifically for us in Belgium. You will not find a finer quality Belgian chocolate anywhere. We highly recommended our Sephra Belgian chocolate fountain chocolate for weddings or other extra special events where you want to make sure everyone leaves impressed. If you enjoy making pastries or other desserts which call for chocolate, Sephra Belgian Chocolate will absolutely bring the richness you desire.

Sephra Premium Chocolate: Our Sephra Premium Chocolate for chocolate fountains follows the same exclusive recipe from Belgium, however, it is made here in the United States by the same company in their North American facility. It uses USA milk products which does create a different flavor profile for the milk and white chocolate than the Belgian chocolate. Sephra Premium chocolate for chocolate fountains has a wonderfully rich texture and flavor. It too is great for use in making pastries or desserts as well as for use in the chocolate fountain. The price of the Sephra Premium Chocolate is a little lower because it is made in the USA so, if you are more budget conscious, this is an excellent choice. You will be delighted with how flawlessly this chocolate fountain chocolate flows in your Sephra chocolate fountain.

Sephra Chocolate Melts: Sephra Chocolate Melts are perfect for candy making and coating other food items in chocolate. Sometimes this chocolate is referred to as a chocolate coating because it is most often used when the chocolate is intended to create a shell around the food and harden quickly. This chocolate fondue is wonderful chocolate for chocolate covered strawberries. It is a more economical way to enjoy your chocolate fountain. We highly recommend Sephra Chocolate Melts for any event, but it is especially suited for kids parties, candy making and molding or events when a tight budget is required.

So How Much Chocolate Fountain Chocolate Do I Need?

From our experience, we estimate each person will dip roughly 3 items about the size of a large strawberry or marshmallow. You do need to keep in mind that not everyone will dip in the chocolate fountain and some people will dip more than others. You will need to take into account how much Sephra chocolate your chocolate fountain needs to run smoothly. Your Sephra chocolate fountain requires a minimum amount of chocolate fountain chocolate to create a full curtain of chocolate over each tier. You will need to take the difference between the maximum amount your chocolate fountain will hold and the minimum it needs to flow and deliver the complete chocolate curtain. This number will be the amount of servable chocolate your guests will eat from before you start to lose the “curtaining” effect of the chocolate flow. We recommend you start off with more than the minimum your chocolate fountain needs because once guests start dipping, the flow will not be like the pictures, smooth and perfect, but you will have gaps in the chocolate curtain. You can always add more Sephra chocolate to your Sephra chocolate fountain to feed more people so it is better to have too much than not enough. See the diagram below for more details:


Fountain Model Minimum Maximum Servable Chocolate Amount Approx. # guests served
Select CF16E 3  lbs 4 lbs 1 lb 20
Classic CF18 4 lbs 6 lbs 2 lbs 40
Elite CF18M 4 lbs 6 lbs 2 lbs 40

Commercial fountains serve more people per pound. Please contact us for those details. 


The numbers below do NOT take into account the minimum your fountain needs to deliver the full chocolate curtain while in operation.

20 guests or less:    4 lbs.
20 - 50 guests:       8 lbs.
50 - 100 guests:     12 lbs.
100 - 150 guests:   16 lbs.
150 - 200 guests:   20 lbs.
Don't forget to order skewers!


All of our chocolate fountain chocolate has a best by date on the package. We guarantee your chocolate will work in your Sephra chocolate fountain if the melting instructions are followed and the chocolate is used by this date. After this date the chocolate is still good but it may not flow as smoothly without the addition of cocoa butter or vegetable oil to make it more fluid.

Here are some helpful tips to maintain the quality of your chocolate fountain chocolate.

  • Storage of chocolate is very important. Store chocolate in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. When chocolate fountain chocolate is exposed to light it decreases the amount of time in which the chocolate will flow as it should in the chocolate fountain.

  • DO NOT store your chocolate fountain chocolate in the refrigerator. Humidity will cause the chocolate to thicken so it will not flow in the chocolate fountain.

  • Dark chocolate fountain chocolate is the least sensitive to light and can easily stay good 6-12 months after the best by date. After the best by date it will lose some of its cocoa taste and will not flow as well.
  • Milk chocolate will be good 4-6 months past the best by date if stored correctly but it is more temperamental because it contains milk solids which do not have as long a shelf life.

  • White chocolate will be good 3-5 months past the best by date if stored correctly. White chocolate may thicken if heated improperly or if it has aged and absorbed humidity. To solve the problem of thick white chocolate, if you are using it for an event, simply add a few tablespoons of cocoa butter or vegetable oil. The oil will take away some of the taste but you will be able to thin out the white chocolate so it will flow properly.

All the chocolate fountain chocolate may discolor some over time and have what appears to be “white blotches” on the chocolate chips. This is known as “blooming”. It is the effect of the cocoa solids separating from the other ingredients in the chocolate. The blooming does not diminish the quality of the chocolate. Simply melt the chocolate and the cocoa butter will once again mix in with the chocolate ingredients as it was originally.

Remember, the longer you can keep chocolate in closed packaging in the dark, the longer it will maintain its ability to flow in your chocolate fountain. Older chocolate is also great for baking without any problems at all.

Chocolate Rewards Club

The Sephra Chocolate Rewards Club offers special benefits to reward our loyal customers who support us through the purchase of our premier Sephra brand chocolate fountain chocolate. It is designed to provide you with great discount pricing on the products and services you need and to help you keep your chocolate fountain investment in excellent condition. Please call us today for more information.