White chocolate for chocolate fountains is a delicious choice that is sure to please any palette. Enhance the appeal with an array of dipping treats which complement the rich, buttery flavor of the white chocolate.

Dipping Treats: Size Does Matter

When you’re planning your chocolate fountain dipping options, it’s important to remember that these treats need to be cut into bite-sized pieces. The right size makes the treat ideal for dipping into white chocolate for chocolate fountains. Cake, cookies and fruit which are bite-sized will fit neatly onto skewers, are less likely to break apart while being dipped, and of course, are easier to for your guests to eat and enjoy.

Healthy Dipping Treats for White Chocolate Fondue: Fresh Fruit

It’s always a good idea to include a selection of fresh fruit on your chocolate fountain dessert table. Fruit not only tastes delicious slathered in warm white chocolate fondue, but helps ease any guilt guests might have about indulging in such a decadent dessert.

When serving white chocolate fondue, raspberries taste especially good dipped in white chocolate, as do blueberries, apricots and apple slices. Don’t forget to use Sephra’s NatureSeal on any fruit that risks browning, like apples slices. NatureSeal won’t alter the flavor of the apple, but will keep it looking crisp and fresh for hours, like it was just sliced.

Sweet Sensations: Baked Goods and Confectionary Dipping Treats

Dipping treats derived from your favorite desserts are always a hit with chocolate fountains. Sweet confections which pair particularly well with white chocolate for chocolate fountains include both traditional and chocolate marshmallows, chocolate macaroons and silky dark chocolate truffles.

Baked goods like chocolate brownie bites, Sephra’s mini caramel cookies, mini chocolate cookies and squares of apple turnovers all taste even better when dipped in white chocolate for chocolate fountains.

Fun Themes for Your White Chocolate Fountain

If you’re having a themed event, choose dipping treats which tie in with the theme or color scheme, or tint the white chocolate to match your theme.

For example, if you’re having a Thanksgiving party, you might tint the white chocolate orange with Sephra’s oil-based chocolate coloring in orange (the white chocolate will retain it’s original, delicious flavor), then offer a variety of seasonal dipping treats which also pair well with white chocolate. These could include a variety of local apples used in different ways, like sliced apples, caramel-covered apple slices, apple pie bites and mini apple-turnovers.

Use your imagination because white chocolate for chocolate fountains will make your next event a sweet success!