Wedding trends come and go, but your chocolate fountain can always be stylish. Learn about the four wedding chocolate fountain trends for 2010 that will keep brides and grooms calling for your rentals!

Trendy Dipping Treat for Sephra Chocolate Fountains: Cupcakes

Although traditional dipping treats for commercial chocolate fountains, such as fresh fruit, mini baked goods and confections, will always taste delicious, consider updating your treat offerings when a new and delicious trend appears. Adding cupcakes to your wedding package as delicious dipping treats will put your commercial chocolate fountain rental business ahead of your competition and make those trend-chasing brides happy.

What is so fun about cupcakes is you can easily color coordinate them with the wedding color theme simply by using food dye in the icing. If a bride wants her wedding color scheme to stay bridal white, a white cupcake with pale pink frosting would complement Sephra chocolate in any variety. A modern bride with a bold color palette might want dark chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting dyed fuchsia or purple. Your options are endless and easily personalized by trendy brides, and the cupcakes look dazzling in our spiral food display stand. Trendy Display Options for Sephra Chocolate Fountains

When it comes to displaying your commercial chocolate fountain, you might consider these three wedding trends for a dazzling display. First, almost any bride will love the idea of having a bouquet topper that matches her bridal bouquet, as long as the flowers are food-safe. Use light cubes in a variety of glass vases to display fresh fruit skewers to advantage. Making sure the light cubes coordinate with the bride’s color scheme is the key to creating an eye-catching fruit display.

Finally, choose apothecary-styled glass jars for dipping treats like marshmallows. You could mix several shades of marshmallows or separate colors, such as white in one jar, pale pink in the next jar. Apothecary jars are perfect for the vintage bride, as well as the modern bride who wants her commercial chocolate fountain display to stand out in style. Once you get these trends mastered, Sephra chocolate will speak for itself in terms of its deliciousness, flavor, and universal appeal.