Belgian waffles
The restaurant world is such a fast-moving industry. It’s challenging, fun and exciting. And when new opportunities come along – like the growing waffle trend – we dive in head first!
Just a few years ago, waffle availability was limited to coffee shops and brunch restaurants – mainly on weekend menus.
And waffles were nothing like they are today. You got, if you were lucky, a fairly plain waffle topped with strawberries (but not necessarily fresh) and an imitation whipped cream topping.
Thankfully, times and palates have changed – as have waffle trends. We’d like to think that, here at Sephra, we’re helping to lead the ever-growing waffle movement with new product innovation.
We know from listening to feedback from our customers and from watching our own sales trends, that embracing the current waffle movement can significantly boost your bottom line.
Whether you’re a caterer, street vendor, or operate a brick-and-mortar business or food truck, Sephra can supply you with waffle equipment as distinctive and diverse as your enterprise.

Welcome to the world of waffles 

Let’s check in with the Bubble Waffle, first.  Sometimes called Egg Waffles, Egg Puffs, Puffle Waffles, Hong Kong Waffles, these unusual looking waffles were born on the streets of Hong Kong in the 1950’s.  Nowadays, they can be found in restaurants from Portland to Paris and everywhere in between. You can even stuff Sephra chocolate chips or nuggets of candy into the puffs; think M&M’s, little pieces of Snickers, or tiny Oreo cookies slipped into the batter nooks of your Sephra Bubble Waffle Maker. Once the Bubble Waffle is baked, roll into a cone shape and fill with whatever your taste buds command! Savory or Sweet? That is the question. Scoops of ice cream, slathered in chocolate, oozing with whipped cream and topped with sprinkles? Tuck in some chunks of cookies and strawberry slices for good measure.  Or maybe a savory dinner waffle is more your speed.  Fill with grilled ham slices, gooey Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, if you please, and top with a Mornay sauce… voila, a Reuben Bubble Waffle.  See how versatile these little guys are? You can go any direction you choose and reap big profits.


Bubble Waffle Makers & Mix

OK – so do you relish the idea of making a batch of scratch bubble waffle batter every day? Or even worse – who makes it on your day off? Can you perfect the flavor and come up with a consistent batter time and time again. Hmmm??? Check out Sephra Bubble Waffle Mix, the most economical and most delicious Bubble Waffle Batter Mix available.  Our customers’ give the Waffle Batter Mix a 5 Star rating and say, ‘it’s easy to use” and “tastes as good as made from scratch”.  All you do… JUST ADD WATER. Seriously – that easy. You’ve got your Bubble Waffle Mix ready to go.  It’s LACTOSE FREE! NUT FREE! KOSHER DAIRY! What more could you ask?  You want to try it?  Okay.  Call Sephra! 858-675-3088. They’ll send you a 1 pound package, absolutely FREE, so you can taste these delicious waffles, unlike any waffle you’ve ever tasted before.  Each 5-pound bag will make about 32 waffles.  Easy and profitable. Plus…FREE SHIPPING – Yup. Try this money maker for your business today!


Huge Waffle Market Trending NOW

Sephra is very aware of the tremendous potential available in the waffle market. Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by.  Add some Waffle selections to your Catering Business, Café, Ice Cream or Coffee Shop.  You know many of the most popular hotels offer waffles as “breakfast included”!


All Time Fav – Belgian Waffles

One of the most popular waffles of course, is the Belgian waffle.  Crispy, yet tender, the Belgian Waffle is also a family favorite.  Sephra’s Belgian Waffle Batter Mix is so easy to mix; again – just add water and bake.  You can make this versatile Belgian Waffle Batter in any waffle baker but Sephra has an awesome Commercial Belgian Waffle Maker.


BONUS – the waffle plates are interchangeable – order the Bubble Waffle Plates to go with your Belgian Waffle Maker or vice versa. Order the Belgian Waffle plates to go with your Bubble Waffle Maker!


Creativity Rocks – Waffle Batter Ideas

Belgian Waffle batter is delicious on its’ own or toss in some Sephra Chocolate Chips.  The kids, both young and old, will love them.  Drizzle with melted Sephra chocolate, add strawberries and whipped cream and what a special treat you’ve created.  Waffle stations are always welcome at wedding receptions, birthday parties and any gathering where there are hungry folks.  It’s a great choice for large gatherings, as the Belgian Waffle Batter Mix is lactose and nut free. The topping options are endless.  The obvious, of course, is Maple syrup, but don’t stop there.  For starters, Eggs Benedict upon a Belgian Waffle is scrumptious. The Saint Andrews Waffle Company, in Saint Andrews, Scotland makes a “Strawberry Pavlova” that’s out of this world. (That’s a Meringue Shell on a Belgian Waffles smothered in fresh strawberries and topped with gobs of whipped cream.)  Imagination RULES!  Sephra Belgian Waffle Batter Mix is easy to use and it makes about 33 waffles, per 5-pound bag.  That’s about 50 cents per waffle plus FREE SHIPPING!   Inexpensive, yet elegant!

Lolly waffles on a stick - new Zen Waffles from Sephra

Go To Your ZEN PLACE with Zen Waffles

Here’s an entirely different option for expanding your “Waffle World” – the ZEN Waffle.  Zen waffles, often referred to as ‘stick waffles’ ‘lolly waffles’ or ‘waffles on a stick’ are crispy, delicious waffles baked around a stick.  Easy for “take away” and easy to eat as you’re strolling through a County Fair or School Bazaar.  Decorations are such fun; we’ve dipped them in white, milk and dark Sephra Melts chocolate; added endless sprinkles – think Decorettes!  Then bag them up and sell at Farmer’s Markets, Street Fairs, Food Trucks or display in your bakery case… in any case, they’re a hot item.


The Zen Waffle Maker Kit comes with the waffle maker, waffle batter and special sticks. Don’t be intimidated by the price – a 10 pound bag of Sephra Zen Waffle Batter Mix will make approximately 200 Zen Waffles.  Sell them for between $3 and $5 each. Obviously, a tremendous profit to be had with a Zen waffle baker and Zen Waffle Batter Mix.  The Mix is so easy to use…just add water slowly, mix, let sit for 10 minutes and start MAKING MONEY… oops, I mean, start making Zen Waffles.
I can’t think of a more delightful way to earn $$$.  Be proud of your product, because you’re offering the highest quality, best tasting ‘Waffles on a Stick’, ‘Belgian’ or ‘Bubble’ Waffles available and bringing smiles to everyone you serve.  Expand your creative ability in any direction you choose and you’re improve your bottom line with every superior product you sell.  Sephra offers you OPPORTUNITY UNLIMITED!  Take advantage of one or all of these innovative creations today.