People decide to go vegan for a number of different reasons – many of which are personal to them.

Here, we explore the top 3 REAL (and most common) reasons for going vegan…. even if just for the month of January.

Your health

Group exercise

It goes without saying that your health comes first. And many dieticians recommend eating more plant-based foods which could, in turn, protect against certain cancers.

Studies suggest that going vegan may also reduce your blood pressure and lower your risk of dying from heart disease by up to 42%.

Here are four women who saw dramatic health improvements after doing Veganuary. Needless to say, they have never looked back.

Discover more health benefits here. 

Animal welfare 

Dairy farming

If you’re an animal lover and are, so far, unaware of some of the processes involved in certain dairy, chicken or fish farming, then you’ll likely recoil at the facts.

While they’re not for us to report, you can read all about them on the Veganuary website.

Better for the planet?

Planet Earth

Researchers and environmentalists believe that, by leaving meat and dairy off our plates, we can better protect the planet from climate change.

And, given that animal-derived products typically have a greater carbon footprint than plant-based foods, they make a good case.

It’s thought that by eating less meat, eggs and dairy, we can also reduce pollution for people, animals and the ocean.

We’ll leave it down to you to do the research but there’s plenty out there. There are also some great documentaries and podcasts on the subject which are well worth your time.

And plant-based needn’t be tasteless. Check out Sephra’s ever-expanding vegan range for inspo!


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