Catering – a competitive field

As with all occupations today things are unbelievably competitive. Is it just because there are more people in the world or has everyone followed you into your line of work? Do you ever feel that way? Always scrambling to constantly to keep your head above water, coming up with new ideas to be more innovative than your competitors.

It’s not just about the quality and deliciousness of your food. A lot of what caterers need to provide is in the presentation. You’ve long since discovered there are only so many ways you can creatively serve cheese trays, fruit kebabs and cupcakes. It is tough to keep coming up with different presentations, especially when, as chefs and caterers your main concern is the taste and quality of the dishes you are serving.

Diversify Your Menu with Chocolate

Chocolate Fountain EventIf you have not yet added a chocolate fountain to your repertoire of catering options, my question is this – why not? If you’re under the impression that the day of chocolate fountain has passed and been replaced by the candy bar, cake pops or even just a variety of cute cupcake arrangements – let me offer this.

Get Your Guests Mingling!

There is nothing more breathtaking than a beautiful flowing chocolate fountain as the centerpiece of any dessert presentation. It is still the best centerpiece and conversation piece you can have at any event. The enticing aroma of chocolate upon entering your venue is memorable and mouthwatering. Your guests will be up and mingling around the fountain immediately – and it will keep them occupied for a considerable amount of time.

Perhaps you need a filler during cocktail hour, while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive, or finish with pictures. At corporate events there is always a lull in the afternoon where everyone may need a wake up call. Perfect chocolate fountain duty. The chocolate fountain is a perfect compliment to just about every type of dessert and even entrees.

Chocolate Fountains pair well with these themes

  • Happy hour
  • Wine and cheese
  • Fruit trays
  • Ice cream sundae bars
  • Drizzled over wedding cake
  • Crepe or waffle station
  • Donut bar

Mix it up with some salty and savory dippers 

  • Bacon! a HUGE hit – don’t judge until you’ve tried it – delicious!
  • Pretzels
  • Potato chips – so amazing

Try flowing Nacho Cheese, Bar-b-que Sauce, Ranch Dressing and even Maple Syrup

Liven up a breakfast or brunch event! A Maple Syrup Fountain is a fun and delicious addition and is too much fun for dipping french toast sticks, drizzling over waffles and pancakes. A second smaller fondue fountain can be flowing with chocolate to drizzle over crepes and waffles – and placed next to a big tray of crispy bacon. Mmmm, mmm. And I guarantee this is not your everyday catered event – yours guests will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Fruit trays can also accompany the array to be enjoyed with our without chocolate. It’s a lovely and fun way to do to brunch!

Don’t forget all the great party options which accompany a the nacho cheese fountain – taco bar, nacho bar, Mexican food fiesta. Bar-b-que sauce flowing through the fountain is great for dipping meatballs and little smokies. Then of course, if your client is opting for a healthy fountain experience – the Veggie Tray ‘long side the Ranch Dip is amazing!

Catering Dippers is Worth the Money

Chocolate fountain rental service itself usually comes with a fixed price determined by the size of the fountain and the amount of time you want the fountain running. On top of that the dipping items can be priced by person, such as $2 per person, so you will end up with a decent profit for the whole package.

If you are afraid of the clean up – give us a call. Over the years we have come up with dozens of innovative improvements to our equipment, as well as clever tips and tricks to make clean up a breeze. Sephra is the innovator of the chocolate fountain and we are always improving our products to make what you do easier and more profitable! Check out Catering Nightmare Turns to Sweet Dreams. 

Already own a Sephra chocolate fountain – a new model is on the way. A whole new look and feel which will have your guests commenting and hurrying to experience new dipping techniques! Take a look at the Cascade – a new flow twist in chocolate fountain fun.