If you are looking to diversify your client base, look no further than local bakeries. Bakeries and chocolate fountain rental companies can work together to create delicious events that will have customers clamoring for more!

Co-Host Chocolate Week with Your Local Bakery If you have not yet already, it’s time to make local connections with bakeries.  Bakeries which offer desserts are your best targets because they will benefit from renting your chocolate fountain. For example, the bakery may host a chocolate weekend where all customers who purchase an item from the bakery also receive a complementary dipping treat for the chocolate fountain. You can be on hand to manage the chocolate fountain and answer any questions hungry patrons might ask, such as how to rent your chocolate fountain for their next event. The bakery will likely have food items which would taste delicious dipped in chocolate, and these are usually high-profit products, such as slices of cake. The bakery can also use this opportunity to promote certain baked goods by offering bite-size pieces for dipping in the chocolate fountain. Patrons will then get to taste something new, and after enjoying it covered in chocolate for chocolate fountains, will likely return after chocolate weekend to buy more. Remind the bakery about other dipping treats, such as mini peanut butter bars, flourless white chocolate cake or pumpkin cheesecake slices for a seasonal touch.

Everyone Wins With a Chocolate Fountain Rental Once the chocolate weekend starts, the word will spread, especially when patrons receive a free chocolate dipping treat with any purchase.  The bakery could even extend this promotion and host a chocolate month, featuring a special dessert each week for dipping into the chocolate fountain. This type of promotion will get your chocolate fountain rental business wide exposure and could result in more private clients. Remember to let the bakery know that your Sephra commercial chocolate fountains meet NSF/ANSI sanitation requirements and that your chocolate for chocolate fountains is pure, requiring no additives to flow through the fountain.