Chocolate fountains are not only popular for the delicious chocolate that flows from them, but for the array of delectable treats people can dip into the decadent chocolate.  Commercial chocolate fountains provide a versatile dessert that complements so many different types of food. Below are the 10 most popular dipping treats, divided into three categories, that are sure to be a hit at your next event.

Festive Fruit Platters

Encourage your clients to order plenty of fruit platters for their next event with a chocolate fountain rental.  Fruit such as strawberries, cherries, raspberries and bananas top the list of popular dippers. Cut fruit is easy to handle and perfect for dipping and eating. Also, since fruit comprises a healthy food group, people feel less guilty indulging in chocolate when it covers a fresh strawberry or banana slice.

30033_1222468176_regCulinary Confections

When people ponder their dipping options, inevitably marshmallows make it into the chocolate and onto their plates several times over.  Sephra’s Belgian marshmallows are perfect for dipping into chocolate fountains and come in cubes flavored with vanilla and strawberry. They are designed not only for superior taste and quality, but to make an enticing and professional arrangement. Sephra also offers Belgian marshmallow jammies, which are filled with strawberry gel for that extra burst of fruity sweetness mingled with the richness of the chocolate.

Baked Goods

And last but not lease, baked goods are always a popular treat for commercial chocolate fountains.  Offering your own variety of baked goods will not only appeal to your clients, but can enhance your bottom line as well.

Pound cake is popular not only for its rich taste, but for its density and ability to be dipped without crumbling or falling apart. Cheesecake also makes this list as chocolate complements its rich sweetness well.  In addition, Sephra offers popular vanilla crème cookies created just for dipping into chocolate fountains.

Key to Success

Chocolate fountain rentals are only as effective as the chocolate you use and the dipping treats you provide. Sephra’s chocolate for chocolate fountain choices are not only made exclusively for chocolate fountains, but were created to be ready-made for their fountains.

When it comes to selecting dipping treats, variety is the key because no two guests have the same taste, and people invariably appreciate a wide range of choices.  Incorporating this list into your next chocolate fountain event will ensure its success among guests sampling the chocolate-dipped treats and surely result in a few interested inquiries from guests for renting a chocolate fountain for their next event.