The time has come to purchase a commercial chocolate fountain for your business. You’ve made the right decision. The chocolate fountain has become a basic requirement for restaurants, caterers and hotels to offer for customer use. However, what is the best commercial chocolate fountain for business? Let’s dive in and consider your options.

So Many Events for a Chocolate Fountain

A chocolate fountain is the perfect dessert choice for your week-end buffets and brunches. Private parties celebrating a wedding, graduation, anniversary or birthday would love the option of a chocolate fountain. A celebration is NOT a celebration without a chocolate fountain!

There are so many reasons to offer a chocolate fountain to your customers. More than a chocolate fountain, it’s a fabulous “money making” machine.

As an owner or manager of a food service facility think about the ease of service of the fountain.

For example, a very well-known and private Golf Club in the Portland, OR area purchased their 34” Sephra Montezuma Fountain, several years ago. It’s a constant favorite for the Club’s members to reserve the chocolate fountain for their private family weddings, retirement celebrations and birthdays. Of course, it’s the center of attention at all the Club events.

A few years back they hosted the Ladies PGA tournament and the fountain was a huge success. Can you just imagine those young lady golfers having a “ball” (yes, pun intended) with the chocolate fountain after 32 holes of golf?

You can count on the fountain at the Mother’s Day Brunch, New Year’s Eve Ball and all the lovely events held at your club, restaurant or hotel annually. From the Executive Chef’s point of view, the chocolate fountain is the focal point of each event and it doesn’t need special handling.

Chocolate fountain set up is quick and easy. A case of dark chocolate fondue, various fresh fruits beautifully displayed, accompanied by some tasty tidbits baked off by the pastry chef and “Voila” it’s done! Everybody is happy for hours and very little time and effort was required. Your return on investment will be “beaucoup bucks”!

How a Small Town Caterer Boosts Income with Chocolate Fountain Events

The Country Club is just one venue where fountains are necessary. How about the small town caterer who is known for her Bar-B-Que? She is sought after by brides and grooms as well as families celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and even looking for a comfortable partner to help with food for a memorial service. She serves all, with kindness and good homey food. Her catering business serves small groups, as well as large wedding receptions, so, her fountain needs vary.

Aztec Commercial Chocolate Fountain – the Perfect Choice

She chose a 27” Sephra Aztec Commercial Chocolate Fountain for her business. Because Sephra Chocolate fountains have such versatility, she can add Sephra Fondue chocolate as needed and not have waste or undue expense. TIP: She always serves old fashioned sugar wafers as part of her dipping items. Guests just love them.

Again, she is world’s away from the Country Club crowd, but her chocolate fountain fits right into her down-home style of catering. Sephra Fondue Fountains easily run with cheese fondue, ranch dressing, caramel fondue, barbeque sauce and even peanut butter fondue. So many delicious fondue recipes to broaden your customer base.

Commercial Chocolate Fountains for weddings

Two Chocolate Fountains? Double the Deliciousness

If you are a purchasing agent for a large hotel, or commercial venue such as a convention center, you may choose to purchase two or more Sephra commercial chocolate fountains. Having your own chocolate fountains saves the time and expense of chocolate fountain rentals.

Many events you do, in a large banquet hall, will require two chocolate fountain stations. Of course, placed strategically, two chocolate fountains can accommodate hundreds of guests. In this case, I would suggest you purchase the 34”/44” convertible Sephra chocolate fountains. You can serve two flavors of Sephra chocolate fondue. Sephra Milk and Sephra Dark chocolate are usually the choices and that pretty much satisfies everyone’s taste buds! Mission accomplished!

Sephra Commercial Cascade Chocolate FountainNew Commercial Chocolate Fountain Options

There are two new Sephra commercial chocolate fountains to check out. The Cascade Chocolate Fountain does exactly what the name implies. The chocolate fondue cascades into warm, sensuous pools of deliciousness and guests can pick and choose which pool to “dip”. It’s mesmerizing to watch!

The newest addition to the Sephra Chocolate Fountain family is the Legend. It’s actually a semi commercial chocolate fountain, 19″ and ready for every smaller event coming your way. I’d like this chocolate fountain in my inventory for the last minute events. The price point is so affordable – you can’t afford to pass this fountain up!

Suppose the boss decided to have an office employee appreciation day. It’d be great for a teacher’s tea or bring it to church for an after service treat. The congregation would LOVE you! This newest chocolate fountain addition will fill the bill for many occasions.

Not All Chocolate Fountains are Created Equally


Chocolate Fountain Certifications

The Legend is a beauty, as are all Sephra Chocolate Fountains. When you’re looking for a Chocolate Fountain…compare! Make sure the fountain you buy is equipped with:

  •  – Patented Quickset Tier System
  •  – Removable Bowl for Fast and Easy Cleaning
  •  – Widest Heating Element
  •  – Electrical and Sanitation Certification
  •  – AND…over-all elegant styling, backed up by the Sephra reputation.

Sephra has been in business for 14 years, beginning in 2003. Most every chocolate fountain on the market these days are Sephra “knock offs”! Sephra was the first and is the world’s BEST Chocolate Fountain Company. Quality, Service and just plain nice folks to serve you and your chocolate fountain needs!