With so many chocolate fondue options it’s hard to know which will be the best choice for you. Whether you are serving chocolate to your friends and family or own a chocolate fountain rental business, you want to serve some delicious fondue chocolate!

Sephra Chocolate Choices

Sephra has three options of chocolate fondue and all are delicious!

The Sephra Melts can be used in the chocolate fountain, as well as for candy making. It is the least expensive choice for chocolate fondue, but the best for candy making, as it will harden into a chocolate shell. The Melts are available in dark, milk and white chocolate and are terrific for using in candy making molds and tons of fun candy making projects. Check out our Pinterest Boards for great candy making ideas.

Sephra Premium Chocolate is ideal for use in the chocolate fountain. It’s melts into a velvety chocolate curtain and is simply delicious. We highly recommend using the Premium Chocolate for any chocolate fountain event! It is also available in dark, milk and white. The dark chocolate delicious – never bitter. For those who like a little sweeter chocolate fondue, we advise our clients to mix the dark and milk chocolate! It’s a fabulous combination and just a touch sweeter with the addition of the milk chocolate. The white chocolate fondue is simply heaven! So delicious and as an extra fun bonus you can color it to match the colors of your event!

The Sephra Belgian Chocolate is our top of the line chocolate. It is truly a taste sensation! Imported from Belgium, it has an extra special richness provided by the European dairy and other ingredients from across the sea! It is absolutely the most delicious chocolate fondue and baking chocolate on the market. It is actually not much more expensive than our Premium Chocolate. Totally worth the few extra cents to get that wonderful creamy flavor. The Belgian Chocolate is available in dark and milk chocolate! It’s pretty amazing stuff!