Any special event will benefit from a Sephra commercial chocolate fountain with its delicious, ready-made gourmet chocolate&nbspvarieties and attractive design.  Capitalize upon the top 5 events most likely to request a chocolate fountain.


It’s no surprise that weddings top the list. They are festive, upbeat occasions that would love a chocolate fountain to dazzle guests. Weddings can be large gatherings, and if the guest list will top 150 people, then more than one chocolate fountain could be rented. This not only helps create a more dazzling display, but could give guests the choice between milk chocolate and dark chocolate for their dipping pleasure.

Corporate Events

A close second is corporate parties that often have large guest lists as well. To help bolster employee morale, especially in these economic times, corporations hosting a gathering will want to offer employees a special treat. Since Sephra’s chocolate fountains are elegant and modern with a brushed or polished stainless steel finish, they make an attractive yet professional addition to any corporate event. They are also guaranteed crowd pleasers and can even help increase attendance.

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs

Bar and Bat Mitzvahs are important celebrations in Jewish culture and are almost always commemorated with a large party filled with family and friends. Of course, the guest of honor is either 12 or 13 years old, and what better way to entertain and impress teenagers than with a chocolate fountain?  Sephra offers smaller models with the same high-quality, attractive design as larger fountains, plus a choice of delicious gourmet chocolate designed just for use in chocolate fountains.


There are reunions occurring every year, whether it’s a high school, college reunion, or a family reunion. School-affiliated reunions typically have a large guests list and are more likely to order a chocolate fountain. The reunion committee would also likely feature it in its reunion description as an enticement for alumni to attend. Don’t rule out family reunions, however, since what chocolate-loving family wouldn’t want to enjoy a beautiful chocolate fountain together as they reunite with a party?

Special Occasion Parties

People tend to throw big parties for milestone occasions, such as birthdays, graduations and anniversaries. These celebrations always call for a special attraction, a way for the party to be remembered by guests and the guest of honor. What better way to commemorate a special birthday, graduation, or anniversary than with a Sephra chocolate fountain?  Its sleek design and delicious chocolate will keep guests coming back for more and help make the party a success.

With these types of events in mind, you can tailor your marketing efforts or literature to capitalize upon clients who are hoping to dazzle their guests with a decadent chocolate fountain.