One of the most important tips in learning how to operate your chocolate fountain is the simple act of what we call ‘burping’ your chocolate fountain. Burping??? Sounds a bit crazy, but burping is one of the most effective and easy steps you can take to remove excess air from the cylinder and allow the chocolate fondue to ‘curtain’ properly (more chocolate fountain lingo – it means cascading down the tiers without any gaps or holes.) The air bubble which may be trapped in your cylinder acts as a cork and impedes the flow of chocolate, creating a drippy look. Not what you’re looking for if your are doing a chocolate fountain rental event or if you have guests to your home to enjoy dipping from your home fondue fountain. Below is the first video you should watch… These are the top tips to learn how to operate your chocolate fountain. Be sure you have at least the minimum amount of Sephra Chocolate in your fountain. Without the minimum there’s not enough chocolate fondue flowing to cascade down properly creating the ‘curtain’ effect. Secondly, make sure your chocolate is properly heated before turning on the chocolate fountain. If it is not melted through, the chocolate fondue may appear lumpy. If you’ve overheated and scorched it, the chocolate may tend to become thick and not flow properly. This most commonly occurs when heating white chocolate, more sensitive to heat than milk and dark fondue chocolate. Easy microwave melting instructions are on the back of every bag of Sephra Chocolate. The chocolate chips can also be melted into fondue right in the basin of most models of Sephra chocolate fountains. NOTE: This is not a universal feature with all brands of chocolate fountains. Make sure you’re using a Sephra fountain with a heating element, or fountain with a comparable heating element which won’t scorch chocolate. Next step – turn on your fountain. Let it flow for a couple of minutes. If there are gaps in the fondue flow, simply turn off your fountain for about 30 seconds. You may notice air bubbles popping in the top of the cylinder, as well as in the basin. Turn the fountain back on and you should have perfectly flowing chocolate fondue! This tip works for any size chocolate fountain, from our large commercial size chocolate fountains to our smallest home fondue fountain. Any questions at all about how to operate your Sephra chocolate fountain or run your chocolate fountain rental business – give us a call! Our team of chocolate fountain professionals is on hand and ready to help! 858.605.3088